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“CASHFLOW” is the 2nd single to be released through Sony Music’s RCA Africa label and DB Records since D’Banj signed his groundbreaking multi-album deal with Sony Music Entertainment Africa….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • odinese'__ 'nwad 4 years ago


  • Kanni Ladel 4 years ago

    Not bad at all. Just continue doing ya tinz Dbanj

  • Charliefizzle22 4 years ago

    crazy hot beat. his delivery at the beginning was perfect including the guy
    that rapped in the car

  • Jamtube tv 4 years ago

    shared this one.

  • Ignacio Leon 4 years ago

    #Iram (the kid driving)

  • ngoret youssef 4 years ago

    je kiiff trop le clip dbanj tu vien de loin now do all you want i like

  • Oksana Piscova 4 years ago

    did not understand no word apart of title… did liked background veeeery
    much ”rich in flavor” love it

  • Na'amah Alexander 4 years ago
  • Jay Louboutin 4 years ago

    sad this dude still need don DON JAZZY

  • kolawole oluwaleke 4 years ago
  • Filippo ntim oduro 4 years ago
  • FAVUR OLANIYAN 4 years ago
  • mariie Haitienne 4 years ago
  • Temitope Alao 4 years ago

    i dont no while ppl having bad comment about ds song,if he decide to leave
    don jazzy dat is fine,d music is good stop ur bad talk about d guy,dat is
    why niger ppl are fucking behind,dbanj good job

  • marco polo 4 years ago

    no bad

  • jeedayjamal 4 years ago

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    hope at least one person will. i’m a Singer with a dream. I know there re
    alot of us but My name is “WTJ” (Wale Tijani) I recently uploaded a song on
    youtube titled “Wtj ft Stayo – She dey post” Simply type in the title on
    Youtube and you could help my dream come true I would love nothing more
    than to have a decent following on youtube.. Thank you for your time.

  • Nonj Mkhize 4 years ago

    Dbanj I like a lot,but the guns…not this time:-( back to the drawing
    board for real!

  • hairboxful 4 years ago

    why are you watching him on you tube then, just asking

  • denoleno 4 years ago

    is the best kanye gave u d? I prefer u when u stay true to ur continent,
    america is already everywhere!! with their song titles cashflow…bleeerrhhg

  • I'am Dayo 4 years ago

    Nice one. Not too bad.

  • Andre Blaze 4 years ago

    Nigerians annoy me a lot…..The bants about Dbanj and Donjazzy dis dat
    dbanj ur nothing without don jazzy bull shit ……..u guyz need to STFU
    its almost a year they split up dey are not coming bck together its either
    to you accept the new dbanj nd enjoy his songs or you dont. nobody dey
    force you to buy abi listen to him jamz or watch his video. There is no

  • Ayo moore 4 years ago

    d banj u don pass dis level…

  • TheMidwestMatthew 4 years ago

    I like that beat a lot

  • Jon D 4 years ago

    Nice vid!

  • NOEL DALE 4 years ago

    can anyone understand what the fuck he is saying?? lol