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  • EveryoneHarmonyPeace 5 years ago

    24:20, That is a very interesting match 😀

  • bigbooda011 5 years ago

    I found this looking at warcraft videos…what the fucc do this have to do
    wit warcraft

  • Rasel Mia 5 years ago

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  • n igga momma 5 years ago

    LOL yeah clearly “richer and smarter” based on the overwhelming
    preponderance of evidence you have introduced…not. Nigga you are the
    dumbass who wanted to start a comment war, so put the troll comment up your
    ass along with your boyfriends cock, faggot.

  • Do you write comedy?

  • What the fuck you on about. I’m clearly richer and smarter then you, you
    are trolling on youtube. Go read a book!

  • Anthony Vickers 5 years ago


  • n igga momma 5 years ago

    lichtenberger just looks and acts like a faggot

  • Israel de la Cerda 5 years ago

    doyle is not nearly the best anymore all the younger players are way ahead

  • Pavalache Alexandru 5 years ago

    Pretty boring. Klodnicki’s read is just too strong

  • MZtestvideos 5 years ago

    idk how klodnicki could make those folds in the beginnning….folded top
    pair, folded two pair….how does he do it????

  • flben64 5 years ago


  • Still has a nice girl and much fucking richer then you!

  • dochmbi 5 years ago

    That 74s 5-bet was sexy as hell!

  • enjoiryan1 5 years ago

    ”’ hopefully we wont have to play much longer” Andrew” Muahahahhahah!!”

  • Watchutalkingbout Willis 5 years ago

    big plays

  • Josh Curtis 5 years ago

    Really good match! I just wish there was a way to mute Pat o’brien. cannot
    stand his voice/commentary :

  • Stephen brown 5 years ago

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  • Jacky Shaw 5 years ago

    super good plays

  • mtl will 5 years ago

    this is not poker! This is either fixed or they just show 1/100 hands
    because every single hand BOTH players get GREAT hand then they both hit
    EVERYTIME???? that is not poker i play tournaments 5-6 times a week and a
    large % of the time you get 23 and fold for hours>>> THEN when you finally
    get 2 people with good hands IN REAL POKER 75% of the time they both miss
    the flop….but not at epic poker they have a good hand everyhand AND they
    both hit EVERYHAND…..its staged and acted out.

  • Garykelleher123 5 years ago

    28:15 also no body cares what you play. everyone understands poker here

  • Edward Garcia 5 years ago

    i must call the two pairs vs flash,flash on the turn,i wanna see the river
    for the full house

  • Ivan Goncharuk 5 years ago

    Damnit, I wanted chris to win

  • n igga momma 5 years ago

    if you think that bitch is a nice girl then you are the dumb broke fuckin
    faggot LOL

  • fluffnpuff 5 years ago

    when did this tournament take place?