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Now in it’s Sixth Season watch as how Aspers the first Super Casino in the the UK plays host to the next thrilling chapter of the Premier League Poker. PartyPoker (…
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  • BoobiesHooray2 4 years ago

    Tilly, lol.

  • Limit AK 4 years ago

    Amazing how the idiot announcer finds a way to ruin every show..this time
    he isn’t screaming at the top of his lungs, he instead bursts out with his
    annoying high-pitch laugh every chance he gets

  • Michael J Fox 4 years ago

    episode 16?

  • Tomáš Ivan 4 years ago

    fucking shame to fucking partypoker

  • Sssshay 4 years ago

    episode 16 etc??

  • Darren Reid 4 years ago

    l;ast years pppl vi and we have to wait 2 weeks to see next episode, what a
    bump! another shit bump from pp just like your sw

  • aminosama2 4 years ago

    Man Talal’s such a fish. calling 5x 3bets oop with 8 high. typical rich
    fish with an endless roll

  • Confuz3d Poker 4 years ago