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EPT 11 Barcelona 2014 Live Poker Super High Roller, Final Table – PokerStars

2014 European Poker Tour (EPT 11) Barcelona, final table live poker coverage – never miss a moment from the official PokerStars channel – The final table at …

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  • michaelnew1962 4 years ago

    I’m two hours in, Wish I had been watching live for this comment.
    Busquet & Colman deserve to take 1st and 2nd for wearing those shirts. My
    shirt would read, “End Israel’s Genocide of GAZA” which would make me a
    winner no matter which place I took.

  • It is I 4 years ago

    Seiver’s drooping lip is mightily annoying … 

  • Filipi E.S 4 years ago

    1:26:19 jesus fucking christ, sickest suck out ever. Ill never complain
    again if my kings get outflopped, this was just a thousand times worse,
    just sick…

  • Timothy Figgis 4 years ago

    Seiver is such a goob. Get it good pal. Joe is so right about how when
    people double up and get really chatty. Just get it good and win

  • doluseb 4 years ago

    Colman and Selbst are the two most annoying people in poker today.

  • John DinDompa 4 years ago

    Stick to poker Dan and Olivier. Politics isn’t your bag

  • michaelnew1962 4 years ago

    BTW the Dealer is Stunning.

  • Vlad Alexandrovich 4 years ago

    “hello my babies hold on to your butts”.. wtf kinda pedo joke is this!?
    Gawd these commentators are gross

  • vietcongpornsurfers 4 years ago

    1:24:30 sick

  • ghs224 4 years ago

    2 Thumbs way UP for my 2 new Hero’s Mr. Colman & Mr. Busquet, God Bless
    Both of them for standing up to what is right.

  • L1b3r7in3 4 years ago

    1:25:00 what a bad freakin’ beat!

  • Keith Vance 4 years ago

    Woooooooooo Hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Found the English

  • BoobiesHooray2 4 years ago

    I am so glad that Colman didn’t win. The kid bothers me. He is going to
    look back at his behavior and recent statements in a few years and feel
    like the dumbass he currently is.

  • Ozymandias 4 years ago

    Fuck Olivier for not shaking Klein’s hand after eliminating him 

  • Raul Barreto 4 years ago

    1:26:20 . The improbable happened

  • João Seteais 4 years ago

    Such an idiot this Scott baby-stupid-face Seiver … cant stand him!!!! …

  • Strung Out 4 years ago

    pretty easy to win tournament when everytime someone pushes on you you have

  • Kevin Theel 4 years ago

    OK KK vs. A2 on an 88K flop and losing is a far worse beat than the AA v AA
    hand at the One Drop! That would far worse (unless you actually did buyin
    for $1 million).

  • Ryan Kearns 4 years ago

    Why didn’t Oliviet Busquet shake Kleins hand after he busted him on the AA
    v. AQ hand? 

  • scubasteve84 4 years ago

    Get those fucking t shirts off! No need for political statements at a poker

  • A Bayberry 4 years ago

    when you make it to a SHR final table feel free to wear w/e shirt you want
    to, damn that free will.

  • Hironori Narushima 4 years ago

    They need more better card shuffling machine.

  • Dany Hermawan 4 years ago

    It is funny to see two people wearing “FREE GAZA & PALESTINE” shirt while
    they were participating in tournament sponsored by ISRAEL.

  • John Ting 4 years ago

    1:24:14 The start of “THE HAND”

  • Ivey Tut 4 years ago

    We are in 2014 how can you still streaming in this aids quality…