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The European Poker Tour 2014 – EPT Season 10 Deauville Main Event – Final Table Live Part1 Seat 1: Oliver Price, UK Seat 2: Harry Law, UK Seat 3: Carlo De Be…

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  • It is I 4 years ago

    wtf is this no hole cards? fuck that shit.. not watching

  • aw4991 4 years ago

    As per tradition the American commentator is douchy and annoying. 

  • Geoffrey Jonathan 4 years ago


  • Tomas Kavanagh 4 years ago

    Play is boring as fuck too aswel as the players

  • Ross Turner 4 years ago

    I like to watch final tables on my lunch break at work (Which is half an
    hour). Feel like I’ve wasted it watching this as I’m 22 minutes in and
    haven’t seen a flop! Imagine folding AJ as the short stack twice! Brutal. 

  • Ameen Imtiaz 4 years ago

    Ept to 2014

  • guibox3 4 years ago

    That DeBenedettis takes forever. Looking at his cards like he is figuring
    out a complex algebra problem. Sheesh.

  • Manos Pasoulas 4 years ago

    Bravo στον Σωτήρη Κουτούμπα !!

  • dogshitballs 4 years ago

    This is exhilarating viewing. Where are the slow motion fold replays?

  • Adrian Filip 4 years ago

    Fold AJ twice…wht an idiot! OMG…scum poker players! :)

  • lovenpeace271 4 years ago

    worst and most boring final table EVER

  • Asiane Yang 4 years ago

    This should be called “Folding” Poker Tournaments. I’m out…too boring.

  • Asiane Yang 4 years ago

    Man…..these Europeans guys are bunch of chickens….the first 20 minutes
    and everyone fold….lol

  • linrkirk 4 years ago

    Thanks for posting

  • MrStevie57 4 years ago

    zzzzzzz all too scared to play

  • Eduardo Avila 4 years ago

    Worst final!!!

  • Marco Tonnicchi 4 years ago

    borest final ever

  • 杨旭 4 years ago

    Fold every hand??????? What a good final table!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Sergey PR 4 years ago
  • datronic 4 years ago

    these players must of folded their way to the final table, very amateur!!!

  • RossoneriXristos 4 years ago

    de peneditis is Greek name too