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EPT Copenhagen - The Art of Bluffing

Interesting hand between danish pokerplayers Mads Andersen and Philip Helm from the 2006 final table, EPT Copenhagen. Don’t play the cards, play the players! (Visit my poker site at
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  • tweakor 4 years ago

    what is andersen doing? why is he risking his chips like that?

  • Dimitar Stoimenov 4 years ago

    @podlami rofl

  • ajjd89 4 years ago


  • Arve Elv 4 years ago

    He didn`t go all inn on the turn but on the flop. And ya! that was a great
    play by Phil Ivey:P

  • Gustavo H. Barreto de Almeida 4 years ago

    3:17 starts the best Poker Face ever !

  • Niworasdavf 4 years ago

    i love Q4 ๐Ÿ˜‰ its my favorit hand ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • gedning 4 years ago

    It’s just a stupid call by hilm, giving away, that hes on the flush draw
    imo. But what can you do he gave up, wasn’t gonna fold the draw.

  • theportuguesegirl 4 years ago

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    you play properly. you can get 5 pounds to start playing claim it here –>

  • bennybody 4 years ago

    this wasnt a bluff but it was a very nice play i dont like hilm i think his
    mannerisms at the table shouldnt be allowed in poker

  • itsnophun 4 years ago

    Keep telling yourself that

  • xSkipperJx 4 years ago

    the art of bluffing….with the best hand

  • Felipe Reif 4 years ago

    It was a bluff? So you would have paid even with only 40% of chances of

  • blamtasticful 4 years ago

    I didn’t say it was I just said that it wasn’t a complete bluff because he
    beats some flush draws. Merge was the closest thing I could think of

  • Andnie 4 years ago

    It was a bluff since he THOUGHT he had the worst hand, and he had no draws.
    And its actually swedish. They aint doing much more than commenting the
    most basal things. They arent even commenting the kind of wild play.

  • Rajgot2kill 4 years ago

    n00b playere with 84 , he should gone al in on turn , bad play of him, he
    re raise , and then check the turn, lol ? , good read from Q4 :)

  • J kitsos 4 years ago

    he couldnt have known he had the best hand though

  • axlce 4 years ago

    ma mica รจ un bluff!

  • MrCheckRaise1 4 years ago

    it doesn’t mean nothing, to make a bluff is to pretend you have a bigger
    hand than what you do, and obviously with q-high he was pretending he was
    strong, so it’s actually a bluff, or even better, a bluff with the best
    hand though, but a bluff.

  • MovieBoxOffice 4 years ago

    Q4’s re-raise but not all-in is a very weak signal against a flush drawing
    board… this is the leak of Q4 and also 95’s. European players think
    re-raise but no all-in is a play on the flop but a Pro would see the
    problem here. Any 3 (which Q4 represents) would move in here on the flop
    and a boat would just call and value bet the turn/river. Since you asked me
    if I know pot odd, I just tell you MovieBox is the champion of $1500NL
    tournament at the Bicycle Casino in LA.

  • bennybody 4 years ago

    it wasnt a bluff he had the best hand

  • thadean 4 years ago

    that’s bluffing!

  • Bigbriansc 4 years ago

    Q4 double suited..LMFAO…and he calls the other guys poker noobs…

  • SurvivingTheHorizon 4 years ago

    ya it wasnt a bluff it was a value bet. he was just playing his queen high
    really fast so that hilm thought he was weak and would call him down with
    things like j high 10 high and 9 high. anybody that doesnt get this clearly
    doesnt know anything about poker, when the board pairs low cards and a
    middle card – queen high is the nuts 97% of the time, i ran the numbers on

  • Redallstar1 4 years ago

    Hilm should of pushed all in after the flop. Atleast he was on a
    semi-bluff. It’s easy for me to suggest that since I know what Andersons
    hold cards are. Its a different story when your at the table.

  • peter john 4 years ago

    hilm has to shove or fold that flop. given that he hits a gut shot straight
    draw on the turn though he almost has to call the all-in as well with the
    price he is getting.