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NOT OUR WINS. Filmed at Tropicana Las Vegas. If you love slot machines, gambling, and casinos, join us at the online forum — the…
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  • WhistlersBrother 5 years ago

    That was pretty fun to watch… Imagine if he had hit something huge
    betting that much! I wonder if he cashed out up when all was said and done?
    (Seems like you could start with a few thousand, play a little while, just
    hit some small decent hits, and possibly cash out up by a couple more

  • BigDaddySMF 5 years ago

    Comps must be something if he even plays for 1 hour…

  • Portmorris73 5 years ago

    That doesn’t appear to be a good payout to me. He has probably had better
    luck in the past and is hoping for that royal flush…

  • Slot Machine Videos by DProxima 5 years ago

    I feel similarly to others…the 1099’s must get annoying when betting
    $250. Congrats to him/her on the wins but – wow, a whole different level if
    play than I’m used to. :)

  • Mrsbigdog73 5 years ago

    I realize the potential could be huge but it just doesn’t make sense to
    keep getting 1099’s when you put it back in 5 hands? Must be nice to be so
    rich lol.

  • Amber Dean 5 years ago

    He’s betting $250.00 on each one. That’s a horrible payout not even ten
    times. Insane.