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Get Free Poker Money/ Bankroll at Jonathan Duhamel beat John Racener to become the first Canadian champion of the WSOP earning ,9…
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  • Steve L 5 years ago

    such a boss

  • theegg89 5 years ago

    Johnathan luckCamel

  • dlDaan 5 years ago

    luckaton duhamel

  • oliqc22 5 years ago

    jealous. …. nah nah nah.. yes u are

  • Chris Williams 5 years ago


  • fearthehawksndcavs24 5 years ago

    where can i find the theme music for it?

  • ThePokerbrat626 5 years ago

    Worst champion ever dude this guy sucks

  • MyWayOrNoWay100 5 years ago

    YES YES DUHAMEL ALL DA WAY!!! XD Trop bon le mec 😉

  • Anuja Kadam 5 years ago

    @lghbqvr yeah im soo addicted to online poker, playing with real money
    actually makes you play properly. you can get 5 pounds to start playing go
    here ==>

  • Jonas S. 5 years ago

    @Nautilus1972 do you think you are a goog poker player????? :D:D:D fucking
    idiot :D:D:D you are a fucking bitch man!!

  • Nautilus1972 5 years ago

    It amazes me to see these guys play sometimes. He raises him with a pair of
    fours?? WTF ?