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Four 3s dealt out on a Triple Double Bonus Poker 50-Play machine at M Resort casino. Drawing just for the kicker… Every Four 3s translates into . Every F…
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  • djsmileyoflasvegas 5 years ago

    this is the best gme to play on spin poker or mutli line i play nickles on
    spin poker 5 cent which is 9 lines times 25 cent so any aces with kicker is
    200 buck and 2,3,or 4s with kicker is 100..i player the other day on
    quarters 10 in one line and it dealt me 4 aces with kicker for 2000 bucks.

  • OneStepAhead608 5 years ago

    Got the same hand last month basically except I was dealt 4 4’s and was
    playing $1 denom max bet. Paid back 42k and some change. The change was
    actually several times more than your total win if it recall. This is why I
    always play the max denom offered as if I drew a hand like this on pennies
    I would never forgive myself.

  • OneStepAhead608 5 years ago

    And to the complainers, when you get a hand like this you turn turbo off
    obviously, I doubt he played like that typically

  • Tonka858 5 years ago

    yea I would fall asleep

  • Dick Hertz 5 years ago

    Very nice win and so exciting

  • Justin Millham 5 years ago

    Typically from what I have seen multi-hand or multi-slot games typically
    pay less for a good hand/line than the traditional one hand/one board
    slots. I’d trade $2.50 for $390 any day however.

  • Kris Green 5 years ago

    Nice Hit! but please hit the TURBO button!! OMG! lol

  • DJKing78 5 years ago


  • Jeff Bass 5 years ago

    great video – thanks

  • 9674jlb 5 years ago

    I’ve fallen & I can’t get up. Turn on the “Turbo”.

  • rich1516 5 years ago

    I’ve never seen a video poker machine move that slow in my life.

  • MrGSU1111 5 years ago

    The machine allows you to draw at all 50 hands almost instantly, but I’m
    assuming that the uploader let it go one by one for a dramatic affect.

  • jfstoyaz 5 years ago

    Nice hit

  • chronthc1 5 years ago

    i couldnt play this low of a denomination just for this reason..

  • ballain1 5 years ago

    well if he would of had the 4of a kind With the the lower kicker on the
    main hand, then it would have been 1,000$

  • rob james 5 years ago

    what rip off casino game is this? I’ve gotten $60 on 1 hand with four 2’s
    and an ace kicker on $1.25 bet

  • DeutscheCasinos 5 years ago

    Nice one :-)

  • EGarrett01 5 years ago

    OMG when you will make coaching video??

  • sebastian hernandez 5 years ago

    donde puedo consegir el sotwar de las maquinas de poker tradicionales quien
    me puede desir

  • MrGSU1111 5 years ago

    This guy only had 5 cents bet on every hand. You hand $1.25 bet on one
    hand. If he had $1.25 bet on every hand like you, he would’ve made nearly
    $10,000 for the 50 hands he played, but of course this machine wouldn’t
    allow that because it’s a penny machine.

  • jwatson626 5 years ago

    It was brutal to watch. There’s no way I’d have the patience to play that

  • ballain1 5 years ago

    Very Nice Win

  • Vince Cali 5 years ago

    I hit 4 aces with a kicker on 50 hands at the Silverton in vegas for $2000

  • jkoeni2 5 years ago

    bet $2.50 a spin to win $300? that sucks. I thought you hit a jackpot or

  • Mark Jacob 5 years ago

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