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A poker video that discusses some of the fundamentals of beating micro stakes NLHE games. Water boat plays one table of .05-.10 on Full Tilt and focuses on p…
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  • mastakur 4 years ago

    Sorry for my shitty english ,good luck and thank you for ur time.Btw first
    poker strategy i learn was from water boat…then i learn that was a

  • fmm plm 4 years ago

    oh and by the way in the start you say its not very beneficial to listen to
    someone spewing out “random thoughts” and its better to read a book i have
    to disagree, seeing how someone who has a fair amount of knowledge in poker
    rationalizes situations is very beneficial, more beneficial than any book

  • djkevingr 4 years ago

    dude ur videos are tops cause we love watching u losing money… if u win
    whats the fuckin point?? :/ plus cut the john digweed music from the back

  • terrapin52 4 years ago

    This is the best micro strategy video so far. I immediately boosted my
    winrate after watching this. I was able to assess players better based on
    their bad plays out of position, etc. Excellent, water boat!

  • pokerpictures 4 years ago

    thumbs up if you like poker!

  • sick abs 4 years ago


  • WTF is this garbage? I want more REAL STRATEGY (twighlight strategy
    ect….) GTFO with this trash.

  • smiley917 4 years ago

    havent i seen you play nl 100 or nl 200? make one of those if you can 😀

  • arno7777777 4 years ago

    Ahhh Yeahhh

  • kittenslikemilk 4 years ago

    gder, this is probably the only poker video I have ever watched with a
    truly honest commentary without a shred of ego coming through. comments
    such as “I drift between the two” and 10nl being way today tougher than
    when you played it, as well as keeping a tight game are statements I’d
    never expect to hear from any poker player these days. Hope to see more
    real vids in the future.

  • Øystein Kopstad 4 years ago

    He say so much that are correct and make perfect sense, and still he
    sucks… It’s amazing. He must have read A LOT, but still he is doing all

  • Vincentas Å idlauskas 4 years ago

    Zeitgeist voice

  • Sjoerd K 4 years ago

    lol.. u limp?

  • tkmkirill 4 years ago

    This isnt funny! This is like real poker :(

  • prop8604 4 years ago

    wtf is this. i am consicering unsubscribing. what is this serious average
    shit? go back to your master mind videos plssss ! i was so looking forward
    to your next vids and now i see this… man i need your real vids just like
    the good old times !! <3

  • Superwondermanhyper 4 years ago

    Solid basics. I like. I don’t know if you want to make strategy videos
    playing on higher levels, but it would be really cool. And of course, we
    are waiting for new advanced lessons, like avatar tells and 15betting.

  • railtank 4 years ago


  • Lavis16 4 years ago


  • Modestas Malakauskas 4 years ago

    Serious videos?BOOOO!That’s probably pretty helpful to fishes like me
    though. I agree that you should put this up on a different channel though,
    feels like you shouldn’t break character 😛

  • railtank 4 years ago

    @MrJonnyboy36 what are you talking about?

  • Andrey Green 4 years ago

    You can get 10$ free and entry to many freerolls. Link in my channel

  • dontblowmyohio 4 years ago

    nice custom avatar did Full Tilt finally make you pro

  • Leon H 4 years ago

    good video but we want to see REAL strategy videos!

  • Wyatt Nite 4 years ago

    waterboat!! someone’s hacked your account and they’re playing like a retard!

  • ronaldo asfor 4 years ago

    how you put that theme