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+ de video : Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash Game Phil Ivey Patrik Antonius Gus Hansen Tom Dwan Mike Matusow Allen Cunningh…
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  • vVRavenVv 4 years ago

    lmao Patrik wasn’t wincing … he was snoozing 😀

  • Zee96969696 4 years ago

    ouch, in phil iveys place I would snap (and kill everyone)

  • truenaraku 4 years ago

    @zauberer1337 agreed way to ruin a sick line up by TALKING OVER ALL THE
    POKER TALK…. i notice in a lot of euro poker shows (mostly English) and
    Australasian. Also not only do they talk a lot but they have no clue about
    what they talking about…. do you also notice how sometimes he starts
    saying some like…. never finises it… what they can’t cut that out?….
    also why can[‘t they run it more then once…. its a cash game and its
    their money…