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  • The Golden Shovel 4 years ago


  • CrimsonTaurus 4 years ago

    Man I seriously need to find time so I can join in a tourney with you and
    show you how it’s done lol. Thanks for sharing your first live poker
    experience, was very entertaining. Soon GK the Bull will be coming for you!

  • The Golden Shovel 4 years ago

    That was some bullshit. I had to call it so its whatever lol.Still think I
    played pretty good poker in that tourney.I guess I was lucky because I
    logged onto FTP for the first time that day and saw you were in a tourney
    and joined.

  • The GingerKing 4 years ago

    Full Tilt session from 3/23/2014! The full experience from my Wendover
    trip, where I competed in my first EVER Live Tournament! :D