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I was playing Poker Night 2 and thought to myself, this is a really funny game. So I opened up FRAPs and started recording! Here are some of the good moments…
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  • prankinyou 4 years ago

    Recording it today!

  • ZalgoRaptor1.0 4 years ago

    The earthquake and voice part was the best

  • Clone184 4 years ago

    6:48 You don’t know how screwed you are, Claptrap.

  • Lastkoss 4 years ago

    Are you going to do an army of darkness theme?

  • Neil Joseph Consolacion 4 years ago

    It needs part 3.

  • Samuel Rupe-Smith 4 years ago

    12:16 Funny when you consider that one of his previous voice actors, Bill
    Farmer, also played Goofy from Disney.

  • CooperGal24 4 years ago

    I get the “26th Anniversary” part! Originally, a Sam and Max 3D game was in
    the development, but got cancelled!

  • Austin Smith 4 years ago

    1 word awesomcredidible

  • joetan8000 4 years ago

    Earthquake,saving Sam from losing all his chips 😀