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  • MrCowMoolester 4 years ago

    please come back to sony fuck ea

  • Alucard Hellsing 4 years ago

    It operates nothing like Bulletstorm. Where would you even get that idea?

  • churros724 4 years ago

    How awesome how they dont take no fucking damage …

  • unitedbyfakes 4 years ago

    looks fun but does have that ‘good but no one will buy it auras

  • Rqoiz 4 years ago

    Agreed! I really need a new great R&C since i’ve played Crack in time so
    many times, that i know every meter of that game =)

  • Saint Bison 4 years ago

    I think you should mind your business. If you dont want to help someone out
    on their channel thats fine. But to msg me about it like I msg’d you
    directly give me a break kid. Get a life seriously.

  • thelegacyization 4 years ago

    this game needs more advertising

  • skeeter4900 4 years ago

    ‘just going to ignore that fanboy is a gay word, and should never be used.

  • crayz1978 4 years ago

    this game looks really good and 4 player co-op was fun on the demo

  • Scrotie McBoogerballs 4 years ago

    Right, now make me a sequel to Ratchet and Clank a Crack in Time plz

  • alkan633 4 years ago

    I played the demo … and its shit

  • dr34dh34d 4 years ago

    @Cameron Weed what dose insomniac have to do with uncharted. And uncharted
    is an amazing series. But tobeat his own.

  • KillGamerz 4 years ago

    look at KillGamerz on youtube

  • TheMudkip12345 4 years ago

    EA would have published Overstrike too. And you people would have hated on
    it for that. Stop praising the game you never saw. If you don’t like Fuse
    then fine. But fuck off and let those that like it like it.

  • Diego Sheish 4 years ago

    But we’re not talking about bankers or agriculture right now, are we? EA
    has all the right to be hated because they have earned it. Even if Goldman
    Sachs and Monsanto are just as evil.

  • NeoChromer 4 years ago

    Is it me or does this look soooooo Boring?

  • fenberry24 4 years ago

    Hi all – brilliant display of some of this awesome game! Day 1 purchase!
    Add me on PSN fenberry24

  • tsohgallik 4 years ago


  • Taylor Peay 4 years ago

    stfu kid he can buy what he wants

  • UltimegaSeven 4 years ago

    Apparently, you didn’t see the colorful and humorous trailer when this
    began development. It looked like a FPS version of Mirror’s Edge. When EA
    stepped in, they went a more Gears of War/Call of Duty way, putting
    everything under a brown filter and making the game without soul to get
    people with bad taste like you to buy it.

  • sweetooth20111 4 years ago


  • MrFlamesFan12 4 years ago

    i played the demo, it was good, not great, however it was pretty fun to
    play with friends. However i agree with Scrotie, make a sequel to A Crack
    In Time.

  • Henry Rojas 4 years ago

    very very fun game! try it and them judge it

  • safe0sam 4 years ago

    this game looks dope

  • Sweet Jesus 4 years ago

    What did you do man… what did you do… I want Overstrike back.