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One Of The Best Poker Hands. Bad Beat at WSOP AQ vs. KK vs. QQ Amazing Poker Watch this crazy poker hand The Best Poker Videos at xrpoker youtube channel!

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  • Sylvia Penney 5 years ago

    That’s just SICK! From top pair preflop, to nothing.

  • tebow15fan 5 years ago

    I was expecting a king haha

  • sen ve ben 5 years ago

    Niuw many plis is he really ASK for Queen???? Wtf 

  • Mix Pal 5 years ago

    Anybody else hear the german asking for a queen when they’re waiting for
    the river? Lol

  • Anders Lindh Olsson 5 years ago

    Why upload this as 1080?

  • Poker Texas HoldEm 5 years ago

    Great Poker Hand. World Series Of Poker. WSOP Bad Beat.

  • Ben Lewis 5 years ago

    The look Grinder gives at 3:31 sums it all up.

  • Luke Slisz 5 years ago

    This isn’t a bad beat, if they all got it in on the flop it would be a bad
    beat, this is just an unfortunate circumstance.

  • AMAZINSNYM 5 years ago

    Lol his face at 3:33

  • tony mancino 5 years ago

    my god…..

  • anthonyph99 5 years ago

    lmao i was gonna check if i wasnt the only one who heard it

  • whatever22638 5 years ago

    Did they use 888 RNG for this hand ?

  • xTruncz 5 years ago

    hail hitler

  • Liviu Chircu 5 years ago

    I guess you’re one of those online fish who play with fold-raise-shove hand
    charts glued to the wall. You don’t know table dynamics, you don’t realise
    that Boye is risking 30% of his stack, you don’t know anything. Just
    another fking youtube genius.

  • AwesomenessGaming 5 years ago

    Nice Video.

  • FlaatBeat 5 years ago

    That Boye is ridiculous

  • Michael Angelo 5 years ago


  • johnny boychuck 5 years ago

    did pokerstars sponsor this event?

  • SuperBlah3456 5 years ago

    lol I think PSY stole the tune to Gangam Style from the German guy at 3:29

  • hestermanfan 5 years ago

    that was the worst call i’ve ever seen. a raise and reraise all in and u
    call with ace queen off? just awful poker

  • Ballsackias 5 years ago

    haha at 2:03 sounds like that flop chopped someones head off

  • pokertalkvideos 5 years ago

    Wow that was a great hand. Very unlucky.

  • klownn 5 years ago

    ‘es ist gembel teim’ lol

  • bb2556 5 years ago

    dont mind if u wanna play 600nl heads up any time on pokerstar :) pm me ur
    screen name if u want a game. if u play higher than 600nl is a bit out of
    budget for me :)

  • hestermanfan 5 years ago

    boye is a dick and a donkey, what a terrible play and what a shame