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Follow my way grinding up to 00 mainly on 6-max cashgames at PokerStars. Current BR: 71. Tweet #grindingitup questions to @xflixx, post on facebook…


Poker Fails


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  • Mitch M 4 years ago

    Would you play cash games with subscribers?? That would be a lot of fun to
    do when I was home and had accsess to my laptop! 

  • Ruslan Ruslanov 4 years ago

    Donkey name – Fischigespieler =D

    I don’t know what that means, but sounds cool =D

  • FknifePK 4 years ago

    Is the shop available only for german customers? I wanted to buy some stuff
    but when I tried to create an account, there was only “Deutschland”
    available in a Country field.

  • Arnaud Van Hende 4 years ago

    Site looks awesome, You can only pay with paypal, why not neteller ? :)
    Love your vids man.

  • Christian Johannesen 4 years ago

    we can call the donkey phil hellmuth :) i bet he would love that!

  • Allice Reed 4 years ago

    How bout HU cash or SnGs vs you foe the HGs?

  • Christian Johannesen 4 years ago

    fischigespieler copy this if you got problems :)

  • raikkonenowns1 4 years ago

    what HUD do u use?

  • Christian Johannesen 4 years ago

    maybe some 25NL cash game on the homegames ? :)

  • Felix Schneiders 4 years ago
  • Sir Lancelot 4 years ago

    I think Tod sent his twin Ted to carry on the proud tradition of

  • MrDavid650 4 years ago

    plspls 180 player tourneys 5r 1 a or 10r 1 add-on