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  • marvin tan 5 years ago

    watched this video and i notice you are more FUN now than 2 years ago. Very
    nice triple threat but I felt like I was listening to my high school
    professor LOL.

  • Michel Smiffi 5 years ago

    Hey Evan, I have question for you: I’m right now kinda “practicing” on play
    money NLHE tables, and there are a lot of annoying donkeys shovin All-In
    with basically any given 2 cards in any hand. I use to buy in around 200
    BB. So what is the best way to play against such players in the future? I
    know I have to be more paitent in waiting on good cards to call their
    shoves, but what kind of cards should I play here? Should I call with, lets
    say, 22 or A4 off? or JT?

  • NikVeda 5 years ago

    This is such an important video for everybody who truly wants to understand
    what this game is really all about. Need to work on paying more attention
    to my position, though I have the feeling that i’m already doing that
    pretty well intuitively. Got that aggression and selection thing checked
    for the most part, too. Evan, I love your videos! Such a great job you do
    and you’ve already helped me a lot. Thanks for that.

  • Oliver Preen 5 years ago

    Simply one of the best video’s, on any subject of poker, I’ve seen. 

  • Colm Rooney 5 years ago

    been losing money for hours then started remembering to think about
    position and been winning alot more.

  • Mike NLPoker 5 years ago

    Very good video Evan. Thanks for the information, it will help me

  • lama11aa 5 years ago

    Priceless !

  • tipsy09 5 years ago

    lol omg i dont know which vid it was but you said blast off about some
    fish, i will be saying that from now on

  • DaWadez 5 years ago

    started with 200 dollars played breakeven poker for about 6 months +/- 50
    bucks and since i started watching and applying these concepts i have
    turned my bankroll into 4200 with a couple nice scores in tournies and 25nl
    cash games

  • cripticpain 5 years ago

    best trio of poker hahaha super hero trio

  • Jordan Jent 5 years ago

    Watched this right before a tourney and put it to good use, took down a
    1500 tourney for 350 on fullflush! Great Job Evan!!!

  • Reece Ringnald 5 years ago

    This is an absolutely awesome vid.

  • Jose A 5 years ago

    Your videos are awesome. I belong to a very well known paid site and I find
    myself watching your videos instead of the ones I have paid for. Great Job
    and thanks for all the great info.

  • Jezmund90 5 years ago

    Just discovered this video and your channel. This is pretty much all the
    information I have been looking for, in particular Equity, Pot Odds, and
    Implied Odds are the biggest ones I didn’t fully grasp till now. Thanks a
    whole heap for this video, I will surely check more out.

  • TheSteveoizzle 5 years ago

    hey gripsed quit teaching the fish how to lose the minimum, i liked it more
    when they stacked off with KJ top pair

  • Jalapeno Yourface 5 years ago

    Thanks for putting out the content what do you think about the youtube
    video’s showing fulltilt and poker stars being rigged, is it jaded players
    or is it a concern? I’m seeing so many flush and straight beats I’m
    starting to wonder….

  • Gary Thalmann 5 years ago

    Thank you very much, all your videos are inspiring….

  • Mike W. & Brad, at Flashpoint 5 years ago

    I have added your video to my ‘Fun & Games’ category. Thank you again for
    your invitation. Flashpoint

  • wiredsk8r 5 years ago

    %means nothing lol cards dont know any maths , and its a waste of time
    better off just saying small medium or large chance rofl

  • catrino 5 years ago

    Someone please explain me the concept of aggression on 10:33.

  • Antipodean33 5 years ago

    Position??? When i sit down and play poker with others (in real life, not
    on the net, i’d never gamble playing poker on the net, you’d have to be
    stupid) every hand dealt moves to the next player, so you only end up at
    the “end of the street” once in a round.

  • Vince Pro 5 years ago

    Hey gripsed, I’ve been watching your videos and they have helped me alot
    with my tournament play to be successful. However, even though I’m a
    consistent winner, I have no idea how to calculate EV. Do you have a video
    or link you recommend to learn that?

  • WahranRai 5 years ago

    We could use the rule of 2 * outs (turn) and 4 * outs (turn and river) to
    estimate the odds for making hand

  • ~*dj ZMX*~ 5 years ago

    Er, to making a straight* That was silly.

  • MrRealclover2 5 years ago

    lover your videos! thanks alot bro and keep it up! :))