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  • LrsLzk 4 years ago

    I’ve been waiting a while for this one. Love me the fucking Jungle.

  • joeingram1 4 years ago
  • Bob Mob 4 years ago

    loved the phone calls at the beginning, jungle is such a boss

  • jonnyhatter35 4 years ago

    that girl is not fine. too skinny. BIG GIRLS! (i’m serious)

  • flex2125 4 years ago

    the cable has a microphone in it from the FBI about your hitman for hire..

  • found your channel today. Sick man keep it up. Cash plays stop making
    videos so you have all the burden man

  • Maxim Lekov 4 years ago

    damn jungle your batting well above your average! lol good work~

  • VERSACE 4 years ago

    Stoked on RGG, Joey?

  • flex2125 4 years ago

    paging privateworld, paging privateworld are you here.?

  • EndorphinKnight 4 years ago

    Anyone know if he’s still working on his charisma?

  • daz1317 4 years ago

    Jungleman does well even when tilting because most of his poker skills are
    learnt to the level of Unconscious Competence (mastery) and so he doesn’t
    have to rely on thinking through the decision or activate his logical brain
    to ‘think’ through complex decisions that lesser players may need to

  • polychenko 4 years ago

    are there not better uses of ones intellect than this zero sum game? 

  • Итальянские покер румы 4 years ago

    cool ) 

  • Casey Hovermale 4 years ago

    God this was painful to watch

  • Bert Jansch 4 years ago

    Pause at 32:14 for retro Jungle.
    Epic podcast.

  • 30EvroInDaNos 4 years ago

    cool podcast :D

  • adam daye 4 years ago

    Im flying to romania…..

  • solanj 4 years ago

    Jungleman-love from Norway!

  • MrBoxingVideos 4 years ago

    Don Nguyen – SoCalQuest

  • Lifes a Grind 4 years ago

    He answers the phone like a true G.

  • stehoz87 4 years ago

    taking 3:1 is a bit absurd, as is giving it. seem slike durr go opressed
    into it by fulkl tilt marketing or his ego or something and now regrets it

  • sjwsjw33 4 years ago

    Respect for coming on the podcast Dan 

  • Ryan Fee 4 years ago

    Joey what was the timestamp on you ranting about people making PLO on RIO?
    Great rant, could really feel the tilt.

  • Lewis Cavanagh 4 years ago

    joey let me get on the podcast with him, i’ll get the answers outa him. I
    guarantee you.