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GUN [PS2] - Poker Missions [2/2]

Thought I was done with GUN? Yeah, so did I, lol. I even deleted all of my GUN files, hence the lack of an intro, sadly. YouTube member grandace2 messaged me…


Poker Fails



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  • 74lks 4 years ago

    LOL Jigger’s face :))

  • joegt123 4 years ago

    Where the hell are the poker games in empire?

  • dylantiger2 4 years ago

    I have beaten the story and i have everything 100% but not the poker. I
    have done it in dodge but when i go to empire there is no poker guy?

  • GamerQueen123 4 years ago

    The beginning was unexpected, but made me LOL. Good job on this
    playthrough, very well done 😉