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Gus Hansen Poker Lesson  - 4/8

Advanced Strategies with Gus Hansen Video Poker Lesson about Strategies Part 4 of 8.

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  • dlvmark 4 years ago

    What is the other 22%?

  • DJSpray 4 years ago

    Actually he does play big. He plays in a lot of high stakes

  • kicsimoe 4 years ago

    LOL It’s Gus Hansen for fucksake!

  • Simon Vait 4 years ago

    are you a retard ? hes one of the most respected players in the planet
    becouse of his agressive style of playing.

  • kelly bradshaw 4 years ago

    gus is the perfect guy to win the biggest pot, he is different and plays
    different from the normal or pro player. everyone should not try to be like
    him but have some of his skills in their game .

  • xxqcwaslukxx 4 years ago

    @raving55 I know you posted this 2 years ago…. But Gus Hansen is one of
    the most well known Poker player by the way… lol

  • PataniscaODC 4 years ago

    no he didn’t

  • Bruce Lee 4 years ago

    Best tutorial video on youtube.

  • vnerdz 4 years ago

    @raving55 DONKEY ALERT!!!!

  • dingo77aus 4 years ago

    you feel like a goose now dont you? haha

  • ImperiousViking 4 years ago

    @raving55 lol n00b

  • helpmycatsonfire 4 years ago

    God there’s some fucktards that were dropped on their heads as children
    that have commented on this vid before.

  • cakemaphoneige 4 years ago

    Gus is da man

  • JFknGP729 JGP729 4 years ago

    next to Phil Ivey!

  • xkamikaze78 4 years ago

    these arnt advanced strategies

  • sienipata 4 years ago

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