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Guy Gets Very Angry Over a Poker Game on Xbox Live - Full House Poker Griefing

So I decide to play a nice game of poker. I soon remember that I am the greatest poker player of all time and I have really big balls. I then decide to tell …
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  • Jamie Matthews 5 years ago

    that was really funny! americans just don’t get british humour!

  • berob501 5 years ago

    this guy is just making up random stuff to save his ass from being such a
    bad smack talker

  • B1ACKBO1I 5 years ago

    The table may be meaning less but he kicked ur ass on this table lol

  • SuperEdep 5 years ago

    Yanks! are truly stupid they dont even know what they are saying half the

  • Rick Rackley 5 years ago

    I was waiting for him to say “YOU GET NOTHING! GOOD DAY SIR!”

  • timruneskate96 5 years ago

    Lmao I live in LA police men are a bunch of assholes

  • Xnate13X 5 years ago

    Wish I could watch the rest

  • marcellothefellow 5 years ago

    this is fake money right? fuck em both

  • deanodean1984 5 years ago

    this explains why americans are fat fucks, they bite so easily

  • MrSkoolr 5 years ago

    u shouldnt have uploaded this, that guy roasted the shit outta you, made u
    look stupid

  • fiErCeShAdOwS 5 years ago

    “That’s all you are dude is a wanna-be bobby, just live with it” HAHAHA 😀
    funniest line said, but this whole thing is hilarious!

  • VisualAdvocate 5 years ago

    Who won the game? Damn it, I was invested!

  • card969 5 years ago

    How come when I play games I never get to be audience to this kind of

  • Anonymous1337lulz 5 years ago

    it’s funny how the seriousness is this coming from this guys gullet. from
    an american.

  • They joined the war late also they now have no government GO MURICA

  • Did anyone notice he called im mr european..

  • antitroller101 5 years ago

    Only the uneducated use this argument as it is horribly flawed

  • Leon Reaper 5 years ago

    Sore Losers from America always bring up the war of Independence when they
    run out of ammunition

  • Leon Reaper 5 years ago


  • Leon Reaper 5 years ago


  • nlitement 5 years ago

    Why the fuck do yanks equate the UK with Europe?

  • TaaastyBurger 5 years ago

    It’s just as stupid that you would think all americans would “take things
    literal as fuck” as it is for this guy not understand sarcasm or trolling.

  • levis569 5 years ago

    “my balls are small on this hand” LOL Full House trolling

  • Maxime G 5 years ago

    people getting angry at other people they might never meet, over the
    internet. Always make me laugh haha

  • justin riley 5 years ago

    it makes me laugh so much when people get mad about poker on a video game,
    lmao then in his only comeback is “race” why in gods name do people do that?