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To try out PLO on your own, check out: Which ACCEPTS US players, and has the best…
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  • Edward James 4 years ago

    run good brian hastings lol.

  • Rafael Rosales 4 years ago

    +eric bathke I guess u don’t know how plo works! In Omaha you HAVE to use 2
    of the cards you’re holding and 3 from the table!!!! Un like Texas hold em
    in Omaha u can’t play the board or use only 1 card in your hand!

  • leon bongulto 4 years ago

    Look at the guy at seat 2 looking at the camera like an idiot at the start

  • jettrey22 4 years ago

    @125lama no you have to use 2 of your cards and 3 cards on the board

  • polymorphic123 4 years ago

    haha, love the conversation about cap PLO

  • myztical513 4 years ago

    @Milkou991 HSP is a great show that is strictly cash game texas holdem.
    Cash games will offer more excitement because the pots can get very very
    big. On PAD the sit-n-go style is boring and painful to watch. Although,
    when PAD offers cash games it is rivaling HSP. And now with PLO this is
    great addition and very entertaining. HSP seasons 1-6 are great and
    exciting. The new season, with Norm Mcdonald is a travesty due to his
    ignorance of poker & overall poker the lineup. Give HSP a shot!

  • DJdoodoo 4 years ago

    16:30 watch Phil Ivey. That would be scary.

  • John Bloss 4 years ago

    In a televised match? Come on.

  • Alex Tee 4 years ago

    lol! nice catch

  • MCFoultier 4 years ago

    @m4rkyboy yeah, me too. i always think i will never do this again, but when
    i have the dry ace, my inner devil breaks out :)

  • Ahsan M 4 years ago

    16:32 Boss Fold!

  • Must be nice going runner runner every hand or flopping top set.

  • Abaas Khorrami 4 years ago

    wow is it the lighting or are his hands extremely sweaty 12:20

  • wolfhound775 4 years ago

    brian is such a lucky fuck

  • deewhyelayin 4 years ago

    leanne tweeden lookin extra hot , i would not mind her sitting on my face

  • robinziphood 4 years ago

    Why does it even matter to you..?

  • eric bathke 4 years ago

    28:05 ivey is drawing dead with a flush?…

  • Milkou991 4 years ago

    PAD > HSP || PAD = Best poker show

  • Harrison Lim 4 years ago

    HAHAHAHA! Good spot there

  • John Bloss 4 years ago

    Used to like Dwan, now see him as huge prima donna. What kind of douche
    just leaves the table on a televised match without letting anyone know
    whether he’s coming back?

  • PClubVideos 4 years ago

    Season’s 4 5 and 6 of high stakes poker are fantastic

  • deewhyelayin 4 years ago

    no shit

  • shroey20 4 years ago

    wow this is so much different than hold’em i love it!

  • Игорь Горбачёв 4 years ago

    BLEZNICK воще дурак взял скинул Туз и 3 короля дубина

  • lex pie 4 years ago