Share Button Heads up poker has become a really popular format in recent years, with events like the National Heads Up Poker Championship …

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  • MrStevie57 5 years ago

    Tennis tourney, best player wins every time.
    Poker tourney, luckiest player wins.

  • michel nguyen 5 years ago

    sick. i was a good heads up poker player but now im a shark. tahnks dude

  • smack jack 5 years ago

    7.Making large raise to make opponent fold a flush on the turn? I’m pretty
    sure most people listening are not playing high enough to make those folds
    heads up

  • lwc888 5 years ago

    Wouldn’t unpredictable be easier to achieve by betting the same amount in
    different situations and playing differently in the same situation?

  • FullTilt? Aw ok.

  • BestPokerCoaching 5 years ago

    Nice video man Learn how to crush heads-up at bestpokercoaching(dot)com

  • arsenalspytube 5 years ago

    @killerkuush u fish

  • pizzaalegoespro 5 years ago

    Tipp number 7. is “6. folding” 😀

  • BestPokerCoaching 5 years ago

    lol on that 😉

  • MmaSmarty87 5 years ago

    whenever I turn a flush and im check raised I immediately fold my flush cuz
    they obviously have a better flush then I do!! =P

  • BenjaminMazs 5 years ago

    nice one man

  • Duc-Hoang Do 5 years ago

    Thank you for those wonderful tips ^^

  • miro108 5 years ago


  • Brento2010 5 years ago

    This might work IF an A-K of a different suit shows before the flush hit,
    they might put you on an one of these if you bet it on the flop (thus they
    are suspicious of a nuts flush later because you are advertising you have a
    high card). Then, a MONSTER bet with 3-4 of the flush showing could scare

  • fliptthescript 5 years ago

    position is overrated. Most important thing is how you play post flop with
    your made and missed hands. The biggest win rate winner in world plays a
    ton of hands out of position

  • steve istheman 5 years ago

    position makes it alot easier to play those hands.

  • tomdurrrrdwan 5 years ago

    tnx this is good lesson

  • michel nguyen 5 years ago

    @arsenalspytube STFU GOOF

  • Alan Smith 5 years ago

    good video

  • elfspicer 5 years ago

    Position can never be overrated. Whilst I agree that the big win rate
    player will win lots of hands out of position, that player will win many
    more IN position.

  • Sangeeth Prakash 5 years ago

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