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Card Player TV tours the Las Vegas home of poker pro Gavin Smith, complete with his outdoor pool table, white Harley Davidson, and … a sword?
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Poker Fails


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  • sean swingruber 4 years ago

    thank you cardplayerdotcom i needed a good laugh

  • Nkanyiso Ngwenya 4 years ago

    What’s with all the hate for Gavin? He’s not affecting any of you so let
    him be. #DontJudge

  • 514hustle514 4 years ago

    Omg this is so fkn hilarious!!!! Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  • alkymia 4 years ago

    Hi, my name is gavin smith and every dollar i win is to feed my nose with
    cocaine, be welcome to my pighouse, this is not Ivey’s house only coz i’m a
    biatch addict

  • pimpsmestad2010 4 years ago

    real life krusty the clown

  • snejkey 4 years ago

    This fat fuck Gavin Smith is the second most annoying pokerplayer.. after
    Jamie Gold

  • 514hustle514 4 years ago

    After his last line he must of been like ; ah shit i got that tv show
    coming to my place i totally forgot and im fkn high! Hahahahha

  • crazyfisherman14 4 years ago

    can u say coke and a drunk u need rehad

  • will1234512345 4 years ago

    sniff, sniff. lol. u think he has a cold or just to much of tht white

  • GrisKnullarnN 4 years ago


  • zionzo 4 years ago

    His snorting and finger to the noise move might give something away 😡

  • bigbadbruins1 4 years ago

    Me and Gavin snorted a gram 20 minutes before this video.

  • s0ldier898 4 years ago

    the north face i shall never wear again ever thx to u gavin smith

  • Username01793 4 years ago

    His multi million dollar home looks like a college dorm.

  • binksy69 4 years ago

    @mmnmnmmmnmmn Jesus Christ lighten up you sober fkin’ VIRGIN

  • dietchipz dietchipz 4 years ago


  • madtiger111 4 years ago

    He’s the John Belushi of poker. Good and bad to that.

  • bl uff 4 years ago

    @undert8er I havent laughed that hard in a week.

  • Leaf9 4 years ago

    This is kinda cool.

  • ElmerDurrer 4 years ago

    @undert8er HAHAHAHAAA…fucking hilarious

  • mmnmnmmmnmmn 4 years ago

    Gavin is a slob.. He is an obnoxious person, and doesnt realize, people
    dont always like that, and then he takes offense too that.. He’s gotton
    very fortunate in life, and he acts VERY immature.. I understand everyone
    is goofy, and I have nothing wrong with that, however Gavin, is not the
    “fun” type of goofy or immature. He needs too grow up.. ( we wont even talk
    about the drugs.. )

  • rickybobby5150 4 years ago

    gavin is definitely unique. he has a good heart though.

  • Cashngib 4 years ago

    Sounds like he has a really bad flu!!!

  • Anthony D 4 years ago

    why is liv boree at his house :O

  • mmnmnmmmnmmn 4 years ago

    @binksy69 You’re one tough, youtube bad-ass!! :)