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The worse hand of texas holdem can win :)
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  • sXeGod 4 years ago

    Jamie Gold got REKT.


    Jamie really displays his awful poker skills here. “you hit a set of
    eights?” “set of threes?” “i know you got a pair” “now you hit your set [of

    Also what the fuck was his strategy?
    If his strategy was to bluff and steal the pot, then why fold? He isn’t
    exactly drawing to much on the turn. A flush maybe, but usually people who
    want to try to draw the luck of the card and get the flush dont call after
    the flop and fold after the turn. He’s getting 3:1 odds with the call after
    the flop and 3.5:1 after the turn. Pot odds increase for him, but he folds.
    Makes no sense.
    If his strategy was to try to actually win the pot, well, that’s stupid for
    obvious reasons. He’s putting David on a set, so he could only with with
    running K’s or T’s. And we all know you don’t stay in a pot with 3:1 odds
    hoping for runner runner cards to win the pot.

    What the fuck was Jamie doing? Again, just shows that he doesn’t have any
    skill. All he has is talk. The other guys must be THRILLED to have him at
    the table.

  • iKoreaan 4 years ago

    Talked way too much

  • raza shamsi 4 years ago

    A good skillful poker player can just get angry and cry now becoz donks are
    every where. They will call your AK with K9, QQ with Q10, AA with J8 and
    will win some how. Donks are the poker players now,both online and in live
    games. Poker is dead now,once it was all about skills and now its all about
    luck. So whats the point to play poker now ?

  • Furthermore23 4 years ago

    set of 8’s wtf!? set of J’s lolz jamie jamie fish…..i got so many outs

  • Yohan Ragoonath 4 years ago

    jamie talked himself into losing the pot

  • Mike Oprisi 4 years ago

    Miss Gabe so much 3:00 LOL

  • silvad314 4 years ago

    “you’re gonna have to bet big etc” all those reverse psychology tricks that
    work against some n00bs at wsop 2006, he realizes doesn’t work against a
    guy like david benyamine lol. like he expects david to really fall for it
    and check to gold lol

  • oldpreach 4 years ago

    WAY too much talking.

  • MAMA67 4 years ago

    @Yekkt ahh ok.

  • SideofClouds 4 years ago

    Nice hand = Fuck you

  • GenoPeppino 4 years ago

    @Casnazer WORD! On the off chance you didn’t catch this, it’s him up
    against Antionus, and the guy is a riot – watch?v=eszcxAVV6Nw

  • bottleracket 4 years ago

    Love it any time Gold gets his ass handed to him

  • MKitson 4 years ago

    @aliabideen If you believe this, then you don’t understand the game.

  • guz h 4 years ago

    i love it how they fiddle with their chips! =)

  • UCanLearnPokerdotCom 4 years ago

    Jamie Gold couldn’t beat a 1c/2c game!

  • RiverCityLA 4 years ago


  • PornobrillenAli 4 years ago

    only idiots show their cards after a bluff

  • jamesmiller85 4 years ago

    Watch your children! Don’t you know youtube is filled with swearing!

  • TheAnglerp 4 years ago

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  • vince117 4 years ago

    gold = super donk why would you call that flop, idiot?

  • Yekkt 4 years ago

    @MAMA67 / they play the 72 game, so he gets 1000$ from every player when he
    win a pot with 72, that is why

  • 0GravyGrav0 4 years ago

    Epic man Thumbs Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheOckawaga 4 years ago

    jame gold called a raise with a k-10 honey! and seriously ur at horrible
    odds to win with a king-10 calling a raise.

  • shroey20 4 years ago

    @gazz12345a jerry yang was also the “world champion” and he was terrible.
    jamie gold is not a professional poker player.