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Poker Fails


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  • Mark Richardson 4 years ago

    Is HSP finished now?

    Todd is the ultimate BURNOUT´╗┐

  • shwartzflugal 4 years ago

    this is one of the lamest lineups in history of HSP, wait, until season 7
    episode 1 through season7 episode 13. HSP is on the endangered list as must
    see poker for us “scientists”. Must bring back Gabe, and cut waaaaayyyyyyy
    back on the Stars Pros. Just my humble opinion, best wishes, I’m all-in.

  • flip92 4 years ago

    americans are so tanned

  • shwartzflugal 4 years ago

    BTW, I’m in no way claiming that Farha, Eli, Jen, and Townsend are lame,
    but the rest…..

  • XowntXihqX 4 years ago

    1:20 sammy saying peter chao xD

  • 000hSnap 4 years ago

    @XowntXihqX what a douche

  • vixter1980 4 years ago

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  • JackOfClubs777 4 years ago

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