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How to Calculate Poker Odds and Outs with Howard Lederer

Learn from the Pros How to Calculate Odds and Outs with Howard Lederer.
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  • AH17293 5 years ago

    hes getting 3;1 100 to call to win a 300 pot total

  • Arty Lee 5 years ago

    @yonex003 Yes, that’s it. You have to bear in mind that there is a chance
    your opponent is chasing the same draw. Many times there will be 7 8 J on
    the table and I have the 9 and an opponent has the 10. I might think there
    are 4 tens still available, when really there are only 3. On a 4-player
    table, there’s about a 30% chance that someone will have one of the 10s I
    need, so my number of outs on that gutshot would be between 3 and 4. I’d
    only have all 4 outs for sure if I was playing alone. :)

  • jmponmyfoot 5 years ago

    do you not take into account the possibility that other people have folded
    some of your outs?

  • BxSQUIRREL 5 years ago

    @BxSQUIRREL since you never see your opponents cards , you wouldnt be able
    to.. but if you have a good read on your opponent and think hes chasing a
    flush or straight then you can do very general calculation. And then of
    course if you are both all in you can look at your opponents cards and then
    do the calculations as you would do for your own cards

  • TheRealityattack 5 years ago

    wait, isn’t it 3 to 1? if he called 100? because if he called 100, the pot
    will become 300 instead of 200?

  • metalcello 5 years ago

    @PBRMafia Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you forget to take
    into consideration that there are TWO chances after the flop (the turn,
    then river) to make your hand? Therefore, on the flop, your odds are 10/44
    (turn) + 10/42 (river) = 46.5% which is close to the 40% given by the 4 and
    2 method. If you haven’t made your hand on the turn, then, 10/42 = 24% for
    the river which is about 2 x 10 (outs) = 20?

  • pirocan1 5 years ago

    how would u calculate the outs for the other guy?

  • doesnt another 2 5’s count as outs? trips will beat his pair?

  • Mr2010wildcat 5 years ago

    Alright so here’s probably a stupid question, but if the pot is 500 and
    your opponent raises 200 do I calculate the odds by 7/2 or 7/1 ??

  • Ramel Prince 5 years ago

    @Gebuza Huh? 4 to 1 means he’s getting 4 times his money for the price of
    one. If it costs $25 to win $100 that’s 4 to 1. The odds are what
    determines the percentage of the times you will win. For example, 9 outs
    using the rule of 4 and 2 will mean you have about a 36% chance of making
    your hand after the flop.

  • TheCheesecar 5 years ago

    what do you multiply it by like with gus hansens 20 outs do you multiply it
    by 2 on the turn and 4 on flop?

  • mastermax7777 5 years ago

    he knows because he calculated his odds

  • yonex003 5 years ago

    @artysmokes So what ur saying is they take in the probability of what their
    opponents have? I think i understand what ur saying with using 50/50 by
    saying usually you can have 9 but its 8 1/2

  • Ramel Prince 5 years ago

    @Ramel34 Maybe I’m not understanding what you guys are talking about.

  • MyTent OrYours 5 years ago

    If he’s worked out his hand’s a 20% chance and there’s only one other
    person in the pot then then theoretically the must be holding an 80% chance
    given everything must equal 1 in probability.

  • PBRMafia 5 years ago

    @metalcello Ok,one this whole method is stupid bcuz you shouldnt be worried
    about what is going to happen on the river when your only at the turn.

  • alfiecaygill 5 years ago

    thats what i was thinking at first… but its just to give you a quick
    understanding of how strong your hand or your outs are… if you tally up
    and it isnt that good, then think if someone has folded some of your outs
    that its decreased alot. its for maximum possibility and to see how good
    the odds and outs actually are

  • decho112 5 years ago

    Coward folderer

  • yonex003 5 years ago

    @theREALpromised1 You are not suppose to take your opponents hands into
    consideration when applying odds. Whenever i play i usually only add the
    odds that will give me the best hand so I know I can win with the best hand.

  • bartithamos 5 years ago

    @Allanlegacy43 ROFL

  • whitetrashbiotch 5 years ago

    calculate odds and full tilt? i dont fucking think so. Doesn’t matter if
    your a hugh favorite to win. yeah you know what im talking about howard,
    runner runner flush straights your a fat scammer.

  • joyariffic 5 years ago

    @TheCheesecar yep

  • ansionnachcliste 5 years ago

    @pirocan1 Would be easier and maybe even possible if you knew what cards
    he/she had.

  • ChrisSchwanrez 5 years ago

    i dont … but would like to

  • Ramel Prince 5 years ago

    The example at the end is miss leading.That probably wasn’t a bad call by
    Damon at all. He failed to mention how many chips Damon had, what the
    blinds are, etc.. If Damon had 4000 chips that was an excellent call. So
    the pot contained 200 chips of which he probably put in 100. Damon had the
    flush draw, it only cost 100 chips and he could eliminate a player at the
    risk of nothing. Obvious call.