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Learn how to do the bottom deal, second deal, and center deal. The techniques dealers have been using to cheat for centuries. He also shows you his new diabo…


Texas Hold'em


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  • Brian Buttice 4 years ago

    Nice editing. This isn’t slight of hand or anything close to it. Just your
    average stop and start video editing

  • 30xMinecraft 4 years ago

    Everyone knows that this is bs

  • Norbert Richter 4 years ago

    haha i like the vid… but the title is bullshit… me personally know how
    u doing 90% of the tricks… though the title should be “card magic the way
    we like it” or something like that… cuz now it’s a good performance, but
    not for people who actually wanna know how dealers can cheat in texas

  • Caden Ballard 4 years ago

    I was thinking wtf

  • Andrew Villarreal 4 years ago

    Where did the card go????

  • Max Hart 4 years ago

    im sorry but im struggeling to believe any thing i just saw … how could
    we not see the card in your hand?