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  • Znergysmusic 5 years ago

    Fuck this boggled my brain. I am going to try this out in a tournament,
    once it gets like top 100.

  • JVonDutch 5 years ago

    HAHAHAHA when a player comes up to you and asks “why did you call“ you
    just know u fked him up good :D

  • John Doe 5 years ago

    now he keeps bluffing and showing ppl will get fed up and call him when he
    actually has something

  • erjon mema 5 years ago

    best poker play i ever seen

  • Kristiqn Petrov 5 years ago

    That dude is crazyyyyyyyy xDDDDDD

  • Akash Ramanna 5 years ago

    Its Not bluff, Veldhuis is hoping for luck in River card for a Straight and
    being Plain Stupid

  • StinkholeinMirror 5 years ago

    You can get lucky and pull off bluffs time and time again if the other
    players don’t have the nuts. They are worried you do. It’s pretty easy to
    do when you have a lot of chips going up against people with way less. 

  • pedroissler 5 years ago

    this motherfucker got so lucky on these hands it’s unbelievable he didnt
    get eliminated

  • come_at_me_bro 5 years ago

    love that second hand…

  • John Doe 5 years ago

    this is how you play poker.. u cant win money waiting on good hands

  • blind sniper 5 years ago

    he may have won day 1 with hes bluffs, but he went home on day 2 without
    winning shit :D

  • MurdaboMusic 5 years ago


  • robert franklin Stroud 5 years ago

    Just saw the 4th hard — that Pinkus was horrible too. Throw in Eli
    playing like a puss the first hand and Lex is running over a bunch of nits.

    Come at me bro!

  • Boris Shaposhnikov 5 years ago

    this guy is aweome :)

  • jerry taylor 5 years ago

    I hate people that play like that dam idiots hes not a real poker
    player..bcuz once a real player sniffs him out..then his tournament life
    will be over he sucks

  • stormist20 5 years ago

    i dont understand on 2nd bluff , KJos raised.ok . he was called by
    middleposition 76s . he wants to represent the that he have atleast 2 clubs
    in his hand.. why did he check-raise on flop when he can simply check-call
    . to let his oponent understand that he waits for a flush draw . that bet
    doesnt look fine for me (maybe that’s im at micro-low stakes and his on
    nosebleeds) >_< can some1 explain?

  • kassadin 5 years ago

    how did i get here from german rap?

  • difbufs 5 years ago

    It seems like it cuts in between, so I’m not sure if these are all in a

  • Ewan Smet 5 years ago


  • jwdogfst 5 years ago

    Can’t expect a fish to be something he’s not. :)

  • Senor Bear 5 years ago

    I think weird runs in your family

  • Tony DiGiorno 5 years ago

    this is a fucking hilarious comment.

  • SUMIT KEYAL 5 years ago

    lex veldhius is definitely high

  • SUMIT KEYAL 5 years ago

    eli elezra israeli terminator

  • Red Dimalanta 5 years ago

    now that’s how to play poker!