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This game WORK : SUBSCRIBE :) like,comm :) thanks for watching. :D.
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  • Dimitrije Milicevic 4 years ago

    Daj molim te objasni mi lepo jer kada idem na download nesto mnogo sporo
    skida ne znam sta je

  • Praveen Shrestha 4 years ago


  • Vlad Randoms 4 years ago


  • Torsten Schinkel 4 years ago

    I can’t thank you enough, everything works pefectly!

  • Eva Grashof 4 years ago

    The file downloads perfectly but when i want to play, a message says Error:
    couldn’t locate runtime module: mdm.FileSystem. What do i do?

  • CCM TV 4 years ago

    it works that is not problem but how i can save game

  • Bryan Mallari 4 years ago

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for this game ever since. But can you find a
    link for the Governor of Poker 1. I’ve already finished it but I want to
    replay it.

    One more thing, I have a question:

    When I play, a folder named Thinstall appear. Should I delete it?


    Thanks!! :)

  • Max Lang 4 years ago

    the game doesn’t save :/ why

  • Giovanni Pouw 4 years ago

    i cant open the game it says runtime error any tips?

  • Davey Markerink 4 years ago

    Hey, I can open the game, that’s not the problem.
    When I look to the subscribes I see that lots of people can’t save.
    For me is the same problem. Is there anything that can change that. Or is
    it just not possible??

    Please help!! 

  • CheapseaChicken 4 years ago


  • Martin Ladisic 4 years ago


  • PrankFrank 4 years ago

    Hi, I can play the game, but it doesn’t save my game I think. I have to
    open the game again in the zip file, so did I do something wrong?

  • Ankit Sharma 4 years ago

    can’t save the game whyy??? i hibernate my computer and then play :(

  • RespectDS1989 4 years ago

    hvala brate :)

  • Giorgi Sixarulidze 4 years ago

    I cant save the game please tell me how it could be done

  • Galathiu S 4 years ago

    works perfect !!!! thanks

  • Cyber Caki 4 years ago


  • LALALALALALLA7606 4 years ago

    I love you already!! Thank you!! <3

  • matej914 4 years ago

    i see you have told someone how to save in the comments.can you translate

  • Berre Staelens 4 years ago

    ty ty TYYYYY!!!!! wohooh <3 (not gay xD) ty SUBSCRIBED

  • LegiOna R 4 years ago

    :) subscribe :)

  • Leeroy Jenkins 4 years ago

    Doesn’t work bro it keeps saying RUNTIME ERROR Error: couldn’t locate
    runtime module: mdm.FileSystem can you help?

  • LegiOna R 4 years ago


  • thetoonen1 4 years ago

    does it work on mac?