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Watch more How to Play Poker videos: Learn how to make and keep a poker face from poker cham…
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Poker Basics


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  • LowFlyin' 4 years ago

    So, how do I not give tells when playing poker online?

  • Blake Long 4 years ago

    What is the point of capping your cards? 

  • Callum Connolly 4 years ago

    Failed to point out you could also manipulate your opponents by giving
    false information, such as making your opponent want to fold by acting
    slightly happier if say an ace came out. This can go good or bad though, as
    your opponent may think oh he is terrible at not giving away information he
    has an ace lets fold, or he could think, im not falling for that I know he
    has a terrible hand. Poker is all about manipulation, do it right and you
    will win. Just always make sure you have a game plan beforenthe game

  • Vex T 4 years ago

    Thanks for the excellent poker tips man!

  • r.t .c 4 years ago

    Y no Demo ?

  • TheWolfmoon21 4 years ago

    my my my my poker face, i luv it

  • georgelovesddr 4 years ago

    This actually really made me think more about how to find out someone elses
    poker face

  • G40rc3 4 years ago

    playing poker with masks on would make it a really boring a game

  • Picture Poker 4 years ago

    Is this guy’s real name ‘Nicky Numbers?!’

  • Carole McDonnell 4 years ago


  • amer shloul 4 years ago

    Lol u must dont do that

  • shadowdance4666 . 4 years ago

    Does this mean no pull your shaft out at the table?