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How To Play / 600NL Online Poker Cashgame

Me playing 3/6 600NL 6max with commentary. Enjoy!

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  • carlos garza 4 years ago

    I thought u couldn’t play poker online anymore…I haven’t played in yrs
    online…am I wrong…if so what websites do u play on..thanks and good

  • Sal T Balsak 4 years ago

    Good video, but you lost me when you said Hellmuth sucks. He would have
    been WSOP POY 2 years ago if Merson didn’t miracle the final table. Love
    him or hate him, Hellmuth’s results speak for themselves. He may not be a
    GREAT cash game player but he is undoubtedly the best tourney player of all

  • David Forshee 4 years ago

    Bovada hedges bad play,,, Sites rigged play live

  • Barack Obama 4 years ago

    is this real money? Like playing for real money? Sorry, I’m new at Online

  • Adam Ayala 4 years ago

    wow i’ve never seen players this bad jeez so profitable so juicy

  • Sothrnbluz 4 years ago

    I enjoyed watching you play on bovada… are you planning to post more
    videos anytime soon? I subscribed to your site, hoping you’ll post more…

  • Scott Cohen 4 years ago

    good video/ few new ideas. thanks