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Watch an expert card player explain the rules for playing Omaha Poker in this free online video clip. Expert: Reg Brittain Bio: Reg Brittain has benefited fr…
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Poker Basics


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  • Louanne Mccahan 5 years ago

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  • Onie Naidoo 5 years ago

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  • jonesdaw1 5 years ago

    I just had a straight flush and lost to a full house is it different when
    playing Omaha Poker?

  • travaduopaxies 5 years ago

    stupid game.i prefer texas hold’em

  • Sam Nichol 5 years ago

    Beauty of having a recording equipment is that you can delete footage that
    you feel is not up to scratch, like your explanation in this video. Try it
    next time.

  • gurbir dhaliwal 5 years ago

    its the same as texas except u get 4 cards nd u choice the best 5 (2 from
    ur hands and 3 on the board)

  • David Bernal 5 years ago

    both are awesome!!!! ;(

  • killuminatiTOS 5 years ago

    I entered a omaha poker tourney by accident but my boi here saved my ass.
    Much love and lets hope I win. Beginners luck.

  • Navid Kalantarian 5 years ago

    @DJARDOSIN the ace of diamond is on the board so it is the nut flush…

  • Erling Magrock 5 years ago

    OMG!! ur saying the same thing in all ur vids.

  • beagoodman 5 years ago

    Part 3: Not playing much, then YouTubing. My table gone.. Now, i was in the
    FINAL table of 9. Still not sure how low hand works. Backing to Google..
    Found it: 8,6,5..2 or A.. A can be in high or low. Damn.. I am an expert
    now.. Played few hands by focusing high hand only. Now 11k chips, highest
    still ( always won all-in with no clue ). 3rd place will get paid.. $8.
    after while, 3 more out, then third guy out.

  • austinthegreatper 5 years ago

    @swagger3898 shut your shit

  • beagoodman 5 years ago

    Part 4: I had 20% more chips than the other he or she. ME: lets make
    deal..I marked the deal box. No response.. we exchanged punches. ME: this
    is waste time, lets make deal. Still ignored. Me: WASTE OF TIME, MAKE DEAL!
    Note: at final table, deal can be done by marking a deal box.. if all sides
    agree to make deal, a dialog window will show up: sharing the money pot by
    % of chips, or make agreement. ( i had once 11k, other guy had 10k.. he
    insisted half $18/$18.. I said OK )

  • Kha Zix 5 years ago

    I really do not see the attraction to Omaha, No Limit Hold’em is the game
    for me. I wish Gus Hansen would play more holdem

  • DJARDOSIN 5 years ago

    What the heck is this guy talking about … you hold the king of diamonds
    … which give you the nut flush! there guys is stupid… and probably
    doesnt play poker

  • CelticKing101 5 years ago

    yupp same here

  • sijtze de Leeuw 5 years ago

    That did not help me unfortunately. I still dont understand Omaha.

  • serratop 5 years ago

    @DJARDOSIN You are an idiot or you dont listen, or you are joking

  • Patrick Koch 5 years ago

    @DJARDOSIN troll

  • ddoggs2008 5 years ago

    now i am lost.. i get the 2 cards u gotta use and play. but when they deal
    do u have to deal 2 sets of 5?

  • Mende Braden 5 years ago

    ty i was wondering i didnt freakin have a flush lol

  • AOZXB 5 years ago

    omaha poker sucks

  • beagoodman 5 years ago

    Part 2: All -in.. Damn, didn’t win, but got all my money back.. why? All-in
    again, 3 or 4 called. I got 6000 chips. Damn, HOW? Asked around ( typing)..
    some one told me ( he was was one of the knockouts, but he was observing me
    as I said don’t know how ). One of the knockouts amazed, kindly, wrote: 2
    for high hand and other 2 for low hand. ME: WHAT DO U MEAN LOW ? I kept
    playing by focusing only high hand while Googling.

  • SuperFafla 5 years ago

    Thanks man this video really helping me (bow)