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Get tips for the best starting hands in this free online video clip about playing Omaha Poker. Expert: Reg Brittain Bio: Reg Brittain has benefited from the …




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  • Jackson Lenhart 5 years ago

    I’d rather have AKQJ double suited than most of these.

  • Birgit Fobes 5 years ago

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  • Kyyberi 5 years ago

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  • drgnslyr1962 5 years ago

    @judojoe07 if Ad 3d 4d 5d comes down all you have is a pair of twos,
    because you can only use 3 of the community cards.

  • jakep42zer0 5 years ago

    @kookoon ……

  • hdhsdgh 5 years ago

    @kookoon its not because you only use 2 of the cards, so holding 4 means
    theres no chance of making a trips, quads or a house, plus you are much
    less likely to get a straight or flush.

  • Abaas Khorrami 5 years ago

    so am i supposed to fold all the other hands?

  • Cody Mitchell 5 years ago

    A good hand, but AA23 is obviously superior to AAK2 in O8.

  • MrPoooooooow 5 years ago

    @RAKIMALLAH12 do you see where you went wrong now! have you learned
    anything about omaha in the past few months???

  • drgnslyr1962 5 years ago

    @judojoe07 you have to use 2 of you hole cards

  • TheLennonlegends 5 years ago

    wouldn’ the best starting cards be AAAA?

  • Mike Hunt 5 years ago

    Come on….even my Nan would know those were monsters!!

  • Mende Braden 5 years ago

    dang look at that ace of spades

  • benjspurs 5 years ago

    @valuero what a donk, you have 2 use 2 of your own cards in omaha…your
    hand would be 22J65…so yes it is 100%

  • Robstrike 5 years ago

    Quad A’s starting hand would immediatly rule out you actually making quads.
    you can only use 2 cards, remember. if u get quads, or even a set as
    starting hand, its not helpful, cos the chances of significantly improving
    ur hand are small.

  • MrPoooooooow 5 years ago

    @RAKIMALLAH12 it is impossible to hit a straight or flush with quads in
    your hand he has no suit or connectivity so he is drawing dead only 3
    community cards can be used in omaha!!!

  • Erling Magrock 5 years ago

    This vid. was a waste of time.. vid. for reatards

  • Don Man 5 years ago

    this help you out..

  • Timothy Claxon 5 years ago

    This is good advice for a maybe 9 handed game, but for a six or less handed
    game, you can’t wait for just premium hands. You sometimes in a six handed
    game on the button raise with KsJsQc2c. Obviously you have a danglar- the
    duece. But, you have to play more liberally.

  • Alex K 5 years ago

    Yes. 6789 ds is a favorite omaha hand of many pros idk why they didn’t talk
    about it.

  • minhtam2448 5 years ago

    hi/lo is awesome. it just sucks that it’s actually harder to play.

  • MediocreAussie 5 years ago

    @kookoon no it isnt, idiot

  • payman2543 5 years ago

    @Parakaslt AAKK vs QQQQ still 100 vs 0 😉

  • kafros4ever2 5 years ago

    @julepeypoker first of all i dont tell it that i am pro. i am an amature.i
    dont know well the definitions.

  • dragonblood12 5 years ago

    @gabeuop79 in omaha you HAVE to play 2 hole cards. Doesnt matter whats on
    the board. 2 cards in your hand MUST make your hand. In hold’em a straight
    on the board doesn’t necessarily mean a split pot. if the board is 9, 10,
    J, Q, K… Both players would have a straight, this is true. But if one
    plays has A in their hand, they would take the pot with an Ace high