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  • Amreen Malhotra 5 years ago

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  • FullMetalBro Maybe 5 years ago

    I’m 14.1 and I fully understand it, and have a chocolate.

  • subwora 5 years ago

    im 14 and fully understand it :)

  • DrNotEmpathetic 5 years ago

    Still wanted to see the hot chick in the thumbnail…

  • Heidi91788 5 years ago

    Love it!

  • Rounder University Poker Training - UnexceptionalRounder 5 years ago

    Thanks everyone for watching, if you have some specific questions please
    ask in the comments. Or head over to my website and use the contact form.
    If I don’t know which part is tripping you up it will be hard to help

  • Frankie Camacho 5 years ago

    Nice way to learn how to play. I luv it.

  • Carlos Portillo Olivo 5 years ago

    really nice, my wife got it!!! SO SHE TOLD ME!! thanks mate!!!

  • TOWPASSIE95 5 years ago

    Wait, so you add in poker or do you just see if yor cards match?

  • Brian Berkowitz 5 years ago

    My name is Brian B I wondering something how do you calculate the wining
    hand and do you do it by round or afther the showdown can please how do
    this because I having trouble calculated I don’t know if should add or how
    to do it please let me know thank you very much

  • Ryan Rust 5 years ago

    then your retarted

  • robertleelynn 5 years ago

    I’m 13 and don’t understand still can you make a simple guid for teens and