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Seven-Card Stud


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  • Amazing Poker-7 Card Stud 5 years ago

    Amazing poker-7 card stud is traditional 7 card stud, we can training
    skill, driving on itouch iphone ipad

  • Sunder Forge 5 years ago

    Damnit, I hate the game already, but I’ll need to play it because money is
    on the line

  • manohman101 5 years ago

    i played it different

  • Ryan Sullivan 5 years ago

    hahaha…who would have ever guessed you need a table or surface to play
    on?? hahaha

  • elmo0killer1 5 years ago

    thisis a great tutorial i like this guy his videos are great and simple
    which is nice he’s good at describing!

  • Dan Jones 5 years ago

    yeah lol

  • ertznay 5 years ago

    The narrator sounds like Carmine Lupertazzi to me.

  • Ryan Sullivan 5 years ago

    and contrary to his statement regarding the “dead man’s hand” it was never
    PROVEN which suits wild bill held…oly that it was A’s and 8’s!! there are
    dozens of contradicting combinations published, however the its not really
    known…just in case any gives a shit! haha :)

  • Forcefield23 5 years ago

    anyone else visualise gabe kaplan as the narrator?

  • jakerolled 5 years ago

    eaiser online, but i like PL Omaha, NL Hold’em, PL Hold’em!

  • C3POROBOT1 5 years ago

    Wow, we’ve always played the highest card showing through ALL rounds of
    betting, including the first. That’s a new one on me!

  • winston lee 5 years ago

    How come the dealer doesn’t have to burn the card before he dealt?

  • Jean-Paul Francis 5 years ago

    you can see why this game declined in popularity against hold em

  • LowCalorieVideos 5 years ago

    Did you see how at 0:45 he used the force?

  • MUTTSNUT55 5 years ago

    very helpful thnx )

  • since2day 5 years ago

    i like how he talks. like italian mafia lol

  • hdhsdgh 5 years ago

    it takes to long to deal, works alot better online

  • djsd007 5 years ago

    O.O i dont get it at all

  • simon44 5 years ago

    Sooooo complicated. I’m lost :(

  • BlessedToBeObsessed 5 years ago

    anyone else tink this guys voice is straith out of “godfather” movie? listen