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How to Play Texas Holdem Poker for Beginners : How to Bet in Texas Hold'em Poker

Learn poker today! All the rules and basic strategies of Texas Holdem are here in this free video on betting. Expert: Ernie Crespo Bio: Ernie Crespo is a pro…

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  • garwoodehs08 5 years ago

    it pops up at the bottom and says this takes place after the flop

  • tr763 5 years ago

    wtf he left out the first round of betting !!!

  • Alex Lkw 5 years ago

    wow you don t know shit about poker.

  • Stuart Olver 5 years ago

    Erm, you got this wrong dude. Before Flop action starts with player on left
    of Big Blind, not with the small blind.

  • Wooodygun 5 years ago

    I’m not sure this is right. After the players’ cards have been dealt
    (clearly before the flop!) the first action is with the person AFTER the
    big blind and NOT the small blind as this guy says. True, then it comes
    aroung to the small and big blinds and the small puts in half the big
    blind(as he’s already put in half the big blind bet) and the big blind can
    ckeck to go to the flop (as he’s already put in the big blind bet). Am I

  • jake hazzmat 5 years ago

    MAn,, you are so sketchy and all over the road its confusing. Horrible.

  • Frank Villegas 5 years ago

    Erm, actually the one directly to the left of the dealer has the small
    blind and then The big blind

  • Lewis Wood 5 years ago

    I had to stop the video half way through. No offense to you personally, but
    this video confused me more. Like a guy up there said, we are beginners,
    don’t use too many technical terms :) Thanks anyway.

  • IDontWantTrouble 5 years ago

    No disrespect man, but youare saying way to many word. This makes you sound
    like you don’t know what you are talking about. Keep it simple, we are
    trying to learn, don’t talk to us like we been playing for years.