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Learn how to play Texas Holdem poker today! Professional rules for Texas Holdem and how to read rock players from an expert poker player in this free online …

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  • petermilko 4 years ago


  • camelz3391 4 years ago

    if you know your playing against a rock i often call their raises with
    suited connectors or just 2 low cards, knowing they have ak aq or a big
    pair So as soon as ive hit 2 pair/straight etc im going to get all their

  • AcerN2 4 years ago

    gosh im 14 and i already knew that =.=

  • CursedWiz4rD 4 years ago

    Suited aces ? HAHAHAHA really?

  • bratlue 4 years ago

    Video appears to be very good and all the card moves explained in videos
    are well elaborated in details. To be professional in playing Texas Holdem
    one need to be well versed in tips explained above. Thanks.