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Learn about position nuance in Texas Holdem poker in this free online video about professional rules for Texas Holdem from an expert poker player. Expert: Re…

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  • Lindsay P 5 years ago

    OMG this is a huge fail. Did he just say the button was in middle position?
    I want to play against this guy.

  • 28jzilla 5 years ago

    you dont have to be a maniac to raise with QJ suited

  • 28jzilla 5 years ago

    also this vid teaches nothing

  • ooga j 5 years ago

    If you consider just the hands and not the flop, yes, KQ outkicks
    KJ…..the fact that the kicker made two pair is a moot issue, Q outkicks J
    no matter what… if you’re worried about your KJ one of the things to
    consider when you’re looking at a flop like KQx is if he DOES have you
    outkicked he might already have made his two pair.

  • CRAZYLOCO54 5 years ago


  • gix500 5 years ago

    button is late position, everybody knows that, 3 handed its early preflop
    but then SB is middle pos, he didnt say that, he uses 3 opponents here coz
    its the easiest but generally button is late pos, if he thinks its middle
    then how does he play on the button

  • airal3rt 5 years ago

    thats not outkicked, thats a different hand…. do you even know what a
    kicker is???

  • paulio2293 5 years ago

    those chips piss me off for some reason. they look like biscuits

  • 3awwad 5 years ago

    fat ass = ]