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Learn about premium starting hands in Texas Holdem poker in this free online video about professional rules for Texas Holdem from an expert poker player. Exp…

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  • ֆHᎯ∌Ꭷω 5 years ago

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  • ExtremeStormKiller 5 years ago

    ever thought about 10 9 suited?

  • farah imran 5 years ago

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  • Pistolero3 5 years ago

    play with courage? omg DONT LISTEN THIS GUY !! play tight , taths all u
    need to know

  • Yamakashi1 5 years ago

    what races?! against two other aces?

  • Yamakashi1 5 years ago

    of course there’s circumstances, but AK at any stage of a TOURNAMENT is a
    monster its also less possible that other people have A or K and if
    somebody has KQ or smth which is also a monster u can get all their chips
    in the middle on the flop if a King hits so its a tricky premium hand ,but
    its a premium hand nonetheless

  • 88Baebae 5 years ago

    Aces never win races

  • Matt Lovell 5 years ago

    Theres discussion of one type of situation, perhaps where you were playing
    a tournament that pays the top 9 places all the same amount, and there were
    11 players left and say 2 people were all in before you. No risk if you
    fold. But realistically, I agree, get those chips in the middle.

  • lhipsher 5 years ago

    So what, in the other video he insists on going all-in pre flop with
    queens. Sounded bonehead to me when I heard it. This sounds much better,
    raise big blind and see what others do, possibly mucking the ladies. Same
    guy, different strategies to play queens, choose how to play it bro

  • Yamakashi1 5 years ago

    in a tournament they are hard to play ,cuz anyone callin an all in
    basically has u beat or ur flippin a coin, and if somebody call u ,most of
    the times he’s either slowplayin you or will hit big on the flop or will
    not call, so u kinda dunno where ur at with jacks

  • Yamakashi1 5 years ago

    if in a tournament but if u play in a cash game u almost never fold them
    preflop, no matter.. well if at a fullring table 8 guys go all in
    preflop… lol no ,actually its true ,they are hard to play, harder than
    the better premium hands ,but if u think ur up against like an overpair
    (someone reraises you) in a cash game u will always want to stay in that
    pot and hit a set

  • Yamakashi1 5 years ago

    i dun think you ever wanna fold aces… what are u playing then? yeah, i
    get the – pre-bubble strategy but i think that then is a time to get even
    more agressive, so even with 1 big blind invested u gotta get them in the

  • dovecoteben 5 years ago

    @AwesomeSuperbaws You’re completely wrong. With KK or AA you want to get
    all your chips in pre-flop to avoid someone getting a lucky flop. If you
    shove with AA and someone calls, they’re mostly likely to call with
    something around AQ+, or QQ+. Against such premium hands, AA is a massive
    favourite: unless a lower pocket pair hits trips (1/5), they’re almost
    drawing dead, especially if their top card is an A .

  • Yamakashi1 5 years ago

    seriously… and im askin about the situation he was talkin about
    specifically , so i dun want other people “explaining” it to me

  • vibonacci 5 years ago

    If u fold AA preflop you can just aswell throw your money in the dish…
    when in a bubble situation in a big tournament it is maybe worth to give it
    a thought

  • shaymo09 5 years ago

    this fucker is talking shite!!!!!!

  • 2007GoingOn1984 5 years ago

    What about if you see 3 hearts on the flop, and you hold King(d) King(s) –
    would you still play to the end with your cowboys? What about another heart
    on the turn, against a better in position? poor advice to tell amateurs to
    not lay down pocket pairs situationally.

  • Yamakashi1 5 years ago

    why would u fold aces preflop?

  • deklares1 5 years ago

    hahahaha…. play aces with courage what the fuck courage does it take to
    play aces your saying it as if your going into battle.

  • Jsavolainen 5 years ago

    lol A-A may go to hell if the flops turns out to give another players 3:s

  • Woodseone 5 years ago

    What was his point of telling his silly lil “free tournament (locally) and
    someone showed that he folded aces, preflop?! JJ is almost a premium hand.
    omg This guy is a goob.

  • darkokumkd 5 years ago

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  • AwesomeSuperbaws 5 years ago

    I was playing with a woman who had been dealt A-A three times, she played
    them everytime, and lost twice with them, I hate A-A. Also Ace King high is
    a very dangerous hand to play, you can lose alot of chips with this hand.
    Don’t commit like this numpty says.

  • pfflyers1 5 years ago

    Pocket Jacks is the hardest preflop hand to bet. Ask 10 pros and you’ll get
    10 different answers, granted it depend on the situation (position, stack
    size, opponents, etc.)

  • Brent Toledo 5 years ago

    Why would someone fold pocket Rockets preflop? that doesnt make sense to me.