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How to Play Texas Holdem

Learn the rules for no limit Texas Holdem, the world’s most popular poker game.


Texas Hold'em


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  • Valene Deraveniere 5 years ago

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  • Jonathon Cafarelli 5 years ago

    this all makes no fucking sense. i want to try to learn but man fuck that
    right in its mouth. im just gonna stick card tricks, their better than
    fucking peice of shit.

  • nunswithguns1 5 years ago

    V good

  • jilalahmed01 5 years ago

    @1superlinkinparkfan Royal Flush being best of all but situation decides…
    if all other players dont even have a double then Your only ACE as a high
    card among others make you winner if i m wrong some 1 can tell me also.. i
    m just casual player

  • Knight838383 5 years ago

    nice work

  • greenbeanvideos 5 years ago

    this is a solid video. glad somebody is making decent videos for brand new
    players 😀

  • mosey1313 5 years ago

    finally i learn to play right so these assholes stop takin my money every

  • Marius McLaughlin 5 years ago

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Craig Dreher 5 years ago

    are you native?

  • Amanda Bowen 5 years ago

    very good video(: thanks a lot

  • James Smith 5 years ago

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  • jezz2k 5 years ago

    So, when you’re down to three players, the player in the dealer position
    opens the betting round? How do the two blinds and the dealer button work
    in a two player game?

  • Harpenboper 5 years ago

    I think I prefer the animations to the real life.

  • kharol go 5 years ago

    So the real thing is combining your card with the ones on the table?

  • GabrielDaGamer 5 years ago

    Thanks man, after losing $10 at the Marine’s ROTC just because the game
    switched to this and I didnt know how to play, I figured I’d lean fast.

  • TacosRInsane 5 years ago

    i came here for poker night at the inventory

  • michiman57 5 years ago

    ok so how do you know if you have a good hand? you didnt even explain that

  • Gallant WiiGi 5 years ago

    Exactly why I’m watching this XD

  • skatertom5678 5 years ago

    thats one of the resons i looked this up too XD

  • sampedia 5 years ago

    This is Great!

  • persiansteps 5 years ago

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  • CoDisafishy 5 years ago

    You have to not be retarded.

  • Connor Bonelli 5 years ago


  • EdenAxl 5 years ago

    thats right i really believe that is one of the best ive seen i cant wait
    to see more

  • 1superlinkinparkfan 5 years ago

    Wait so can someone tell me the combinations that are the best cuss like
    when i watch tv its all lyk royal flush and straight flush and 2 of a kind
    and stuff like tht