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  • Ross Hammond 5 years ago

    I just recently switched to cash games from playing SNG and I’ve found that
    every time I think I’ve figured it out I watch your videos and find out I
    have it all backwards. It usually takes several sessions after watching
    your video to start paying off but my game is definitely improving thanks
    to you. Your hard work and wisdom is appreciated.

  • lionel123ification 5 years ago

    yeah, cash is most consistens and least variance if you can beat it… no
    point playing them if you cant beat them though, as they tend to be a
    little tougher than tournaments, and the decisions can be tougher

  • Icekuma23Chen 5 years ago

    Evan… are you part squirrel by any chance? Seem to be churning out
    video’s like a squirrel would collect nuts. Way cool sir!

  • vibonacci 5 years ago

    The fun part of learning a new form of poker is that you add a new weapon
    to your arsenal without losing your skills at the old one.

  • xXWhatUpDocXx 5 years ago

    How to use player notes correctly

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    Honestly if you think you’re a favorite in the lineup and can confidently
    rebuild at your regular limit, i think there’s absolutely nothing wrong
    with taking a shot on a 20 BI roll. More gamble = More Glory. Just MAKE
    SURE you are confident that rebuilding wont be an issue if the shot goes

  • Emma Jones 5 years ago

    Poker tips. I need them, because i do not know how to play.

  • freestylersro 5 years ago

    loved it man. how about a normal day for you video? :))

  • charilaou1 5 years ago

    I highly recommend Sklanksy’s NL Theory and Hold’em Book, as well as
    watching Evans vids. They will help you recognize that they are two
    different beasts that require different mindsets. Pot odds and implied odds
    are much more important. Peace :)

  • DopeSince92 5 years ago

    The tournaments do have huge variance, so it,s normal not to win for a few
    months (most pros don’t win a WSOP bracelet every summer because of
    variance). With cash games, you can more or less plan what you might win in
    a month, so a more steady form of poker. Cash games could be good if you
    can adjust well.

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    if you’re making consistent money, collecting VIP points becomes less of a
    priority. Really glad yo hear you found your sweet spot!

  • lionel123ification 5 years ago

    most sites say 40 for SNGs imo. If you are cashing 50% of the time, then it
    wont take you long to move up anyway, so no point being agressive. The
    higher the stake, the more buy ins you’ll need, at like $1.50 and $3.50 im
    sure you could get away with 20bi tho, also depends how many tables your
    playing as you will have a better roi with less tables

  • DopeSince92 5 years ago

    On most websites about bankroll management, they suggest a 20bi bankroll
    for sit n go’s, but you suggested 40bi in your video. I play 6max sit n
    go’s, and i cash in 1st or 2nd about once out of two times (2nd place is
    double the buy in). Do you think i can take the more aggressive route and
    play with a 20bi bankroll, or should i stick to 40bis? thanks

  • Robin Khan 5 years ago

    Thanks again Even. I really liked this video because you explained the
    difference between SNG, MTT and Cash Games. I currently taking the game of
    NLH very seriously for the past 6 months. I started playing SNG when I
    started my online accounts since then I jumped to MMT and tok Cash Games
    more serious and found the games very differently. My bankroll has been up
    and down due to learning the different games. Now I have found myself back
    at short handed SNG and my bankroll is slowly increasing. rk

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    If you can learn the skills to play cash games it’s a fine move. But i
    think the better move would be to continue to play MTTs but to cashout on a
    regular basis. So even if you hit a big score youd keep a good amount
    online but cashout your ‘salary’. Then maybe once or twice a year you give
    yourself your employee ‘bonus’ which would be based on your results so far.
    Then it would feel like ‘steady paychecks’ and less variance. Just a
    thought, let me know what you think!

  • stacrafty 5 years ago

    wait, going from having to reload each week, to making more from poker than
    his “banking industry” job? in 6 months? He should be coaching you Evan! (i
    like your facials at that point too)

  • Alsoet 5 years ago

    Great videos man! Learning alot from them :)

  • Fast81Z28 5 years ago

    Thanks for the excellent video Evan. I’ve found playing single table SNG to
    be much better for my bankroll. I have been slowly moving up the limits
    (currently playing $3.50 games) as I improve my skills. One thing I have
    noticed though is I’m collecting fewer VIP points (I’m guessing because the
    rake back is lower on SNG than cash games). Keep up the great work!

  • P Harmon 5 years ago

    Lets say I have found what works for me. mtts for the most part have always
    been where I have won my money. I haven’t made a deposit in over a year.
    However due to variance I sometimes get a huge amount some months and none
    others…If I wanted to get checks on a constant basis would it be good to
    try cash games then?

  • floofoog 5 years ago

    @kksuzfg yeah poker is my second income, if you use a no deposit bonus you
    can get start for free. you can get 5 pounds to start playing claim it here

  • chris2tea 5 years ago

    You continue to put out awesome content. Thanks.

  • Chris Williams 5 years ago

    I’m half decent at sit n go’s , the 3$ ones on stars anyway… but the rake
    is ridiculous . 1st is $12 but you only get about 6 !