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Using this simple tutorial, you’ll now look like you know how to play – even if you don’t. Guaranteed to improve your bluffing effectiveness though. For lice…


Poker Fails


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  • Chris Laning 4 years ago

    i watched you, touched the chips, looked at the video, looked back, and
    they were stacked O_o

  • EricMichael93 4 years ago

    could you imagine if teachers were this calm when teaching us things..

  • Angus Allan 4 years ago

    1:45 white,black,white,black,white,black racist

  • kwpunit 4 years ago

    wtf you guys talking about i can’t fucking do it

  • thematt121295 4 years ago

    thanks got it down in 2 tries

  • PixieDust 4 years ago


  • pilotdapunk 4 years ago

    fuck ads

  • youThinkI'mJokin h 4 years ago

    Wow you saved my life bro, my life was fucked up before i learned this trick

  • Steven Larkin 4 years ago


  • Lance Vainik 4 years ago

    I still don’t get it…

  • Bernardo Guerreiro 4 years ago


  • Joey8Russ 4 years ago

    im a pro at that… i can do 20 each… 😀

  • Joshua Tran 4 years ago


  • chemicaly 4 years ago

    it woulda been funny if he broke his finger or something like that

  • Joshua Williams 4 years ago

    i now but im kind enof to give my subscrbers so views u fool

  • TATAnoobies 4 years ago


  • tinymouse2 4 years ago

    Almost as good as your spelling.

  • sprkkswillfly 4 years ago

    now i can die happy. thank you.

  • DeathFrikinChikin 4 years ago

    can you not read? the title is “How to shuffle poker chips” did you expect
    it to be funny or something?

  • floritarium 4 years ago

    THANKS SO MUCH! i’ve tried so many techniques for instance lifting the
    chips with my middle finger etc. but this one is by far the easiest! thx

  • Juega Roul 4 years ago

    But can he dougie them poker chips?

  • Michael fred 4 years ago

    thanks men nice trick :)))

  • Claude Klimos 4 years ago

    *&@#$@#(*@#$& please stop repeating the word simple and easy! I feel my
    fingers crippled when I try. Have to go practice some more now…

  • ExoVampire 4 years ago

    Wow. Just fucking learned it. Amazing! :)

  • TheOrionCDO 4 years ago

    nice! good tutorial! im gonna try this .