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How To Use Preflop Combos | Poker Quick Plays

This poker video was created by for Preflop combos are a great way to visualize a player’s range and als…
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  • Renzo Ulloa 4 years ago

    I really need to improve my poker game, this channel give in short time
    what I need, I’m going to start from the very first, what video you
    recommend me as starting hand chart ?

  • Omar Zia 4 years ago

    The worst video I have ever seen. This guy must be told to slow down . Why
    he is in such a hurry. 

  • Hector García Suñé 4 years ago

    really good stuff…still kind of unmanageable;i hope it helps though,

  • Hector García Suñé 4 years ago

    i doubt i’ll ever work out this simple stuff…but pretty good anyways. :)

  • WeightLiftingNoob 4 years ago

    So glad I found your channel! Too bad I keep getting crushed at my home rec
    game. But not for long! Muhahaha

  • Engels Villar 4 years ago

    simple yet effective

  • aman9619 4 years ago

    Good stuff, as always, from Mr Suit.

  • BongZilla Cough 4 years ago

    i dunno man try that on fulltil at .50/1 they will call especially from the
    raiser utg but im a passive/aggressive player i will giv it a go ty for the

  • John Navin 4 years ago

    I was with you until 2:44. That’s where you lost me. Sounds like you used
    the word “razor” and I lost the thread of your meaning…

  • The Poker Bank 4 years ago

    Just practice it a few times and it will become second nature!

  • PT1488 4 years ago

    no comments?

  • PT1488 4 years ago

    ive seen a some of your vids why dont you do any live.

  • James (SplitSuit) 4 years ago

    I have some old live play videos on my website splitsuit[dot]com/videos.
    But I don’t really play online anymore and focus more on live play atm

  • James (SplitSuit) 4 years ago

    You can read a short bio about me if you go to thepokerbank website and
    then /videos/splitsuit/ (sorry, YouTube doesn’t allow URLs in comments) I
    don’t play MTTs, so no wins like that…but I do play cash games
    semi-professionally out in Vegas

  • WiggyKool 4 years ago

    Very interesting, but also difficult to grasp it immediately.

  • PT1488 4 years ago

    whats your poker resume look like? any big wins? are you playing