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tournament took place at the full review available Online Poker Site Reviews I invite you to view …

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  • SupermanBB 4 years ago

    I was hoping I wasn’t the only one noticing how bad this gameplay was. Then
    I read comments :P

  • RBC News 4 years ago

    I Welcome

  • progamersrb2013 4 years ago

    I like your game, it’s like a mine ^_^

  • Joe Desilva 4 years ago

    Did i miss something? This said how to win… you didn’t win.

  • James Sawyer 4 years ago

    ok so this hasn’t taught me anything…

  • Toni Sošić 4 years ago

    this is just bad poker all the video especially that a8 off limp… just

  • Fadogar911 4 years ago

    dude… you’re really bad at poker.. was this the 10 cent 360 mttsng?

  • Toni Sošić 4 years ago

    05.35 you dont raise you bet donk

  • Emir Iversen 4 years ago

    very bad play actually. U risk all your stack too much times and you are
    verly lucky winning a lot of pots were your opponets are a head. And the
    last hand terrible play u risk it with A8 low kicker and loose. Too be
    onese u shoud had lost this turnament for a long time ago. But u had some
    good and aggressive re raise…

  • Ryhan Ahmed 4 years ago

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  • Henrique Arcari 4 years ago

    Nice play, nice poker class I had watching your video…Thanks!

  • krzysztof olejnik 4 years ago

    Thanks Bro it is always nice to see game like that :) 

  • TheInkinJapan 4 years ago

    I am a beginner, but even I can see all the huge mistakes you are making.
    For example, you go all in on the river when you had two pair with your
    pocket 63o. If your opponent had a 4, he would almost certainly call and
    you would be done. If he had 89 you would be done.If he had pocket 22 33 55
    66 77 you were probably done. The only think you managed to do was put your
    whole stack at risk and for what? If they had you beat you were losing it
    all, and if they didn`t you were getting exactly what you got, which was

    I think if there is anything to learn it is simply that aggression can pay.
    Good players won`t risk it all against someone unless they have a good
    hand, so extreme aggression will work often, but it only takes one time
    when it doesn`t work, and you are done. 

  • RBC News 4 years ago