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Howard Lederer - Learn how to play poker for beginners with added bonus part 2

Learn to play like the pro’s. If you wish to start your poker career today, do it on the worlds best poker room: Party Poker. Get 100% on your first deposit …

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  • Teamklutchxz 5 years ago

    thanks for the info i play a bit diffrent tho

  • halfhigh 5 years ago

    …Lord… Jesus Penus?

  • mohameed alamer 5 years ago

    mr penus , you are really really really offending jesus , and i’m a muslim
    i can’t let you do that , at least i have to tell you that its wrong

  • jesus penus 5 years ago

    No no teach us how to run a bullshit poker site and get away with millions
    of dollars

  • ManiacPoker 5 years ago

    Thanks for teaching me how to play Howie but wheres the bankroll I won from
    the other players on your site. You cleaned out my whole poker bankroll 18
    months it took me to build it from the first game i ever played. Then I had
    to start all over again from another $10 do you know how hard that is
    Howard ya big lump. LOL. Oh well 12 months on and the roll is strong again
    no thanks to you? Now I reckon you play like a tight Nit and I can’t wait
    to see you at my table, GRR u Howie GRRR

  • TweekDash 5 years ago

    Instead of having it timed we up the Blinds every time all players have
    dealt. With larger groups of players we up the blinds every time 1/2 the
    players have dealt.

  • Tomas Tomavykas 5 years ago

    Howdy, if you are having a hard time making money online Google “Web Cash
    Invite” quickly. I have had sensational success with it. Best !

  • drunkendevil 5 years ago

    What year was this filmed?

  • yousnotright 5 years ago

    simply put your money on fulltilt and ill take it,nice way to play poker
    howard you scumbag