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The sequel to the hilarious Poker Night has arrived, but does it survive the showdown with our reviewer? Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and al…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Video Poker


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  • Денис Григорьев 4 years ago

    you dont sayed about tf2 unlocables!!

  • SHALL-0 4 years ago

    Now I know IGN sticks to consoles. You don’t just win shit for Borderlands
    2, TF2 items are in here too.

  • polixter421 4 years ago

    Can anyone tell me if the unlock-able skins for Borderlands 2 applies to
    all systems the game is on, like, Windows, PS3, and 360.

  • haydos271 4 years ago

    Got it for a buck in the Steam Sale.

  • Yourgs Vazouras 4 years ago

    In my Opinion, this game Deserves some DLC Characters, Like Duke Nukem,
    Booker DeWitt, Master Cheif, Max Payne, Niko from GTAIV. The way it’d work
    was you could swap out one Character for another. Each character has their
    own Dialogue, and new conversations that will be held with the other
    characters. Like, you could drop out Brock and Replace him with Booker, and
    back again after the Match, for Example. It’s a shame this probably won’t
    happen. What do you guys think?

  • christian baluyot 4 years ago

    Dear Telltale, Please port this to the PSVITA, I want to play this on the
    go! :)

  • Seksi fotoğraflarım için tıklayınız 4 years ago

    +phar0ahad3 Just follow

  • SkyMonk89 4 years ago

    THE COMEDY BUTTON podcast!

  • skinheadboy1 4 years ago

    No multiplayer ruined this for me.

  • Tech Mech 4 years ago

    had did you read my half of my mind

  • suprnova 4 years ago

    neither do i and i bought it. you can still learn it and have a laugh

  • Imperiom 4 years ago

    greedy greedy Microsoft.

  • Stealthafied 4 years ago

    wait how many characters can u play as?

  • xFire897x 4 years ago

    Now was that necesary? Stop being such a fucking jerkoff.

  • downphoenix 4 years ago

    I wonder if Ash’s appearance might be a hint at an upcoming Telltale Games
    game. I sure hope so!

  • Lonewolf312 4 years ago


  • OooHesGood 4 years ago

    For Poker Night 3, add multi-player, give a few options of characters to
    play with, and also have difficulty settings… I personally would like to
    play with Max Payne, Iron man, Darth Vader, and an Angry Bird. lol

  • Rogue21121 4 years ago

    So… A 7, even with the game wrecking glitch? …wow…

  • bliz0123 4 years ago

    its really cheap too defiantly worth the price

  • Blazing Fire 4 years ago

    Its now 2.50$

  • aquapyro1 4 years ago

    Here’s a table to play poker with: Joker, Bender, Engineer and the main
    dude from the Walking Dead(srry forgot his name). And the Dealer be Sonic
    the hedgehog(u know if Poker Night 3 came out on his 25th anniversary)

  • TheRoboSquid 4 years ago

    XD you gave me a good laugh, thank you for cheering up my day.

  • Sonicfalcon16 4 years ago

    i like that line up

  • Elite Terra 4 years ago

    *red dead redemption

  • Charlie Pott 4 years ago

    Why would you buy this on Xbox?? Tf2 and borderlands are the only reason
    people buy this!