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  • NoRegretsForOurYouth 4 years ago

    Standing up when you shove is an aggressive looking move, and Mercier
    recognizes this. Look at Mercier’s face at 1:48. He knows he doesn’t have
    the 8, he’s trying to decide on a 6 or air. Makes the right call, good

  • Бабин Кирилл 4 years ago

    excellent call!

  • Nomoreidsleft 4 years ago

    Shove all in and then stand up drinking from an empty bottle of water?
    Could that be a tell?

  • Remy Martin 4 years ago

    Speaking your bet its a tell that you are bluffing. Good players dont say
    their bet, they just shove it

  • Ross N. C. Vince 4 years ago

    I’d say this was actually more a terrible play than a good call… Weak
    attempt at an aggressive play from Koskas

  • maratlox 4 years ago

    “Keep drinking air, just keep drinking it”

  • criss tofer 4 years ago

    its not a hard call,your short handed,you have 2 pair with a J on the board!
    and your opponent looks super nervous!

  • ammar azzawi 4 years ago

    if hes got trip 8s why would he go all in, he wants to extract the most
    money but not push away their opponents , stupid bluff

  • nichol manio 4 years ago

    koskas was drinking too much water … even when the bottle was already
    empty lol, thats what gave him away xD

  • Poker Hands 4 years ago

    Incredible Call in Poker by Jason Mercier

  • Gavin Z 4 years ago

    Okay..there was a bunch of reads to make the call there…standing up, then
    drinking the water..

  • taeguid taegyod 4 years ago

    mercier called because he got a lot of stack even if he loses that deal..

  • Adam Sutton 4 years ago

    Over bet on the turn was the give away!

  • Mikhail Eremenko 4 years ago


  • KhI Bunor 4 years ago

    Haha bit that failed bluff tho 

  • Bill Smith 4 years ago

    Koskas stood up, fiddled with his chips after we went all in and drank from
    his water bottle multiple times. Three major tells. Anyone could have made
    that call.

  • James Kim 4 years ago

    Sick Call..

  • applezauc3 4 years ago

    I loved the body language after a minute of tanking. He went from heated to
    super cooler….and drinking from an empty water bottle lol

  • beebs SA 4 years ago


  • Fem Chick 4 years ago

    nith hand

  • Edgar Kiechle 4 years ago

    Koskas is kinda idiot giving all those signs he had absolutely nothing,
    acting nervous and shit.

  • Guzas147 4 years ago

    02:40 drinking empty bottle

  • james wilson 4 years ago

    The play wasn’t bad, but the way he played was terrible. I’m a better poker
    player than Koskas.

  • MrLo3o 4 years ago

    OMG this is a pokerStar ? hahaha

  • Poker Texas HoldEm 4 years ago

    Incredible Call in Poker by Jason Mercier