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Humberto brenes getting owned by scotty nguyen.
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  • Bertha Deases 5 years ago

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  • Lolfacehere 5 years ago

    They use chips instead of real dollars.. You can exchange them later for
    real cash.

  • quarksterful 5 years ago

    scotty without a mullet looks like a chihuahua

  • Giah Kaleb Sokoguru 5 years ago

    that’s no limit baby

  • EatinApplesauce 5 years ago

    “That’s no limit baby”

  • PartyPokerPro 5 years ago


  • Sean Kelly 5 years ago

    Are you actually that stupid or are you trolling?

  • Hybridspasser 5 years ago

    This is not a bluff!!!! You fucking retards If Scotty gets a 3 or an 8, he
    has a pair and that beats the other dude’s ace. Learn fucking poker,

  • Hybridspasser 5 years ago

    if you do that, you’re obviously retarded. I don’t discuss poker with

  • JeffIsJello 5 years ago

    What a dick

  • TheField31 5 years ago

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  • Foobix 5 years ago

    das no leemee baby

  • Hallvard Svendsen 5 years ago

    Good bluff when it succeeds… but really not recommended to make this
    move…he even talks too much.. he should have known the bluff…

  • xDOC300x 5 years ago

    @Hallvard69 1998 main event world series, he plays Kevin McBride and talks
    very similiar to here. Brenes more then likely knows of how Scotty suckrd
    McBride into calling him. So he layied down, its seems from his talking dat
    he has nothing but he does it also when he has huge hands

  • 20033008 5 years ago

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  • FreePoker Sites 5 years ago

    and rubbs it in for good messasure lol love it

  • napsterdotno 5 years ago

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  • Hybridspasser 5 years ago

    No, it was standard play. He has 8, opponent has ace. If he gets an 8, he
    wins… no bluff. Idiot…

  • M1K3Ywin 5 years ago


  • rrlloo1 5 years ago

    what a loser

  • texasholdempokertips 5 years ago

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  • BigEvan96 5 years ago

    S$!? I taught we pray brackjack lmao

  • SolemnHiddenCove 5 years ago

    Scotty need his long hair

  • hasan20221 5 years ago

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  • Primtyrant M 5 years ago

    like a boss