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Intercontinental Poker Championship S01E01 pt1

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  • Mostopholes 4 years ago

    Odea is a donk. What’s he doing here?

  • LastCommodore 4 years ago

    Yes, thanks for posting all these episodes! I’ve missed them since
    PartyPokerTV removed from their site.

  • Mitjitsu 4 years ago

    Wow, thats super nitty just to flat call with Q8 in that spot. If players
    see you doing that frequently it’s gonna be so easy for them to make
    monster laydowns. By calling you’re basically fearing the other player has
    910d, when in reality they could easilly have Axds. The only other thing I
    can say is limping in with K10s is pretty weak. God how easy poker must of
    been back then.

  • Tiago Blomker, PMP 4 years ago

    Gabe = master fucking PRO!!! Gable + High Stakes Poker = PERFECT!!!